New internet series: 
Bahut Kuch Hota Hai
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Blockbuster 'Bahut Kuch Hota Hai' at Corner.Network Awake.VC Productions

New internet series: Bahut Kuch Hota Hai @ Corner.Network

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Poster of Bollywood blockbuster of 1998 - 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'
Poster of Bollywood blockbuster of 1998 - 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'Dharma Productions

c. 1998 Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Rahul Khanna and Anjali Sharma’s love story is what makes for modern bubblegum legends. Friends from their early teens, this story is packed with an emotional roller-coaster ride of their love for each other they were not aware of, to the heartbreak Rahul has Anjali go through on account of his new found love. A die-hard lover of anyone in skirts, Rahul’s pure love for Tina takes Anjali by surprise, making her deeply sad, too. Their fate of missed opportunities continues in their adulthood, too and finally ends in a fairytale-ending of them being back together, married and living happily as a family with Rahul and Tina’s daughter, Anjalee who is 7.

A filmy plot? Well, fiction, for sure! But hey, it's a family like yours and ours. Take this enjoyable ride; you may land up loving them!...

Popular couple of "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" now starring in Awake blockbuster "Bahut Kuch Hota Hai"
Popular couple of "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" now starring in Awake blockbuster "Bahut Kuch Hota Hai" Awake Productions

Present day: 22 years later. c. 2020 Bahut Kuch Hota Hai

Welcome, to Rahul and Anjali’s home! Life in their present day is chaotic - so typical of being a modern family.

They're parents of not just Anjalee but Siddharth, too. Sid, as he is popularly called, is a bright young man studying medicine at the prestigious AIIMS in Delhi, and stays in the college hostel. Sid is a gizmo geek, but is also a mean machine on the tennis court.

Rahul's ideal INDRA NOOYI.  This is her quote about success and leadership
Rahul's ideal INDRA NOOYI. This is her quote about success and

Rahul has had a good career and is now Senior Vice President with well-known retail chain Plantoon (the buzz is he will become the next COO or perhaps even the CEO)! He believes rules are meant to be broken and quotes his ideal, as often as it's needed.

Anjali, is an art curator at the Museum for Tribal and Folk Arts, while daughter Anjalee is married, and stays in Delhi with husband and son Avi.

Patch Khanna, the stray who adopted them
Patch Khanna, the stray who adopted themJustin Veenema,

Despite the chaotic lifestyles they all lead, they simply love Patch - their stray dog pet who adopted them and one day, just started living with them. There’s another common thread of shared interests, monetary gains and experiences they all enjoy. You'd wonder, how’s that possible? Oh, it very much, is! On one common platform called, the Corner.Network!

Basketball days
Basketball daysSerge Kutuzov,

Long after his basketball days, today, Rahul is a health and fitness freak – does his daily workouts at his home gym he’s so proud of; equipment he got for a good price at Corner.Network. Being a professional always on the lookout for ingenious ways to pull buyers, Rahul is excited by the innovative new dynamics that will soon emerge on the internet because of Corner.Network! He believes it’s a game-changer and is even encouraging his family, friends and staff to get on to the platform. Plantoon is a popular brand on Corner.Network bringing in 2x revenues on his best-selling range. These kinds of sales, frees up time for Rahul and gives him a healthy work-life balance. He has even assured his staff greater incentives as they promote Plantoon on Corner.Network. While his staff is highly motivated, they promote brands and products they love, individually and have become strong Influencers on Corner.Network earning them handsome returns, as well as fantastic discounts on their purchases!

Rahul’s daughter Anjalee who works as a part-timer at a health insurance company was introduced to Corner.Network by Anjali, who did so well taking up the role of her mom, after Tina, her own mom who had passed away, when she was still a child. Anjalee is overjoyed at being a Co-seller on Corner.Network and adding to her income! It keeps Avi happy to have her at home and her husband enjoys coming back to a happy and cheerful family.

Rahul and Anjali’s son Siddharth (Sid), would live in his white shorts and a white tee, twirling his tennis racket, if he wasn't equally passionate about medicine. His ease with gizmos makes him a geek and a ready reckoner on the latest gadgets. No wonder, he already has such a huge fan following on Corner.Network, as he offers advice to people who ask questions. The income he generates from the purchases based on his recommendations on Corner.Network will ensure he practices medicine because of his passion to help people in pain and not for the income associated with being a medical professional.

Tribal art
Tribal artBalaji Malliswamy,

Anjali aims to get better mileage for tribal and folk art through Corner.Network and it has given the tribals and rural artisans a better life. Younger artisans are very media savvy and put up their own creations on Corner.Network as well as those of their community. Not only that, they have connected with designers through Corner.Network and collaborated with them for “Art for Everyday Use”.

My Swap

Anjali’s colleague Rachna checks out the My Swap platform on Corner.Network for some pre-owned household items that she could pick up for her maid, or the tribal children who sometimes don’t have shoes; she also puts up some items that she no longer has use for. She regularly declutters her home on My Swap on Corner.Network.

This is all in a day’s work, and this is just one family! Imagine the millions whose daily lives revolve around Corner.Network. We’d surely say: Arey Baap Re! Corner Network pe Bahut Kuch Hota Hai!

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