My experience interning at

I interned at for a month as a content writer. During that time, I wrote 5 articles for the blog and learnt a lot about a myriad of different subjects, but the thing I valued the most was the freedom and the flexibility I was given. I was never pressured to churn out content or write about things I didn’t want to.

This internship gave me a lot of firsts as well but perhaps the most significant one was my first interview with the comic creator Abhijeet Kini. Not only was Abhijeet a very interesting man to talk to but the entire process of writing that article was a very fun experience that I am very grateful for. I was also given the opportunity, on a couple of occasions, to talk to Amit Rathore, the founder of’s parent company, listening to him was very entertaining and informative. As he is a serial entrepreneur, and a successful one at that he has a lot of wisdom to impart.

Both Punam and Purnima were great mentors and they helped me throughout the internship. When they gave me feedback on my writing their criticism was always constructive and never harsh. They gave me a lot of helpful tips as well and always made sure I was comfortable.

Everyone working at and its parent company seems to have this feverish excitement about what they are doing, being exposed to that motivated me a lot. While the business itself may not be the most traditional I think it has a lot of potential and is on an exciting trajectory that I was lucky to get a glimpse of. My internship at may have taught me a lot of extremely useful things, but I will always remember it primarily for how fun it was.

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