An internship to remember

My internship at Corner Network

4 weeks, 4 articles - this has been nothing but a fun experience. This year has been a year of many firsts for all of us - a pandemic, online learning, internship. For me this internship will always remain etched in my heart.

Corner Network is a great place to work at. Writing is truly an art in all proportions and I am glad that Corner Network gave me a platform to showcase my work. I learnt so much on writing here - about business, different people, styles and techniques of writing. Overall, this internship was a rewarding experience.

My mentors, Purnima and Punam Ma'am were so supportive and kind, they gave genuine feedback and really helped me to hone my writing skills. My mentors were extremely understanding and were kind enough to give us ample time to proofread and publish articles. They were gentle with me and gave me suggestions to improve my writing. I definitely have grown as an individual and I think my writing is proof of that. I was given full freedom to write on topics close to my heart and was assured that I would be able to retain my writing style in the pieces written by me, no matter the corrections or suggestions made by them.

I would like to thank Corner Network for giving me the chance to intern with them and to my mentors, who never stopped believing in me. I have learnt a lot and cannot wait for what the future holds for me. Thank you.

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