All within a month!

Internship experience of Sakshi Holkar
All within a month!
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When I think back about the knowledge and skills that I have acquired during the past one month, I can’t help but feel excited about my future career, proud of my achievements, and grateful to my mentors at Corner Network for having supported me in every way possible.

Corner Network is one of the few companies that makes the work environment comfortable for you with not only the guidance that they provide, but you also become a part of them for the rest of your life. Working as a content writer allowed me to gain an awareness of playing around with words, emphasizing on certain keywords, being concise and clear and the importance of proofreading. A content writer requires loads of creativity, patience and devotion to learn. At the same time, flunking deadlines is not an option. Further, the finished job needs to be crisp, informative and interesting. So, content writing is a gigantic job but is extremely fulfilling if you enjoy what you write.

If one wants to take up content writing it is to be understood that the road to content writing is no easy path. It requires a lot of brainstorming. A lot of research needs to be done on the company and business markets. But, the most difficult part is coming up with ideas. It takes a toll on your grey cells to come up with good ideas worth writing about and those that are in sync with your company's mission and strategy. Anyone can write but not all can come up with ideas. Now that is what distinguishes other writers from copywriters.

Thanks to the Corner Network family for letting and helping me express my thoughts through words. My internship with Corner Network was indeed a great experience.

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