A month of experience for a lifetime of assertiveness

My internship at Corner Network

Interning with Corner Network has given me an opportunity to express myself with the power of my words. I've learned that with the right intention and sincerity, one can reflect themselves in their writings.

Corner Network has bridged the gap between writers and brands, which I feel is a great opportunity for budding writers like me. I always like connecting and talking to people and, with the help of Corner Network, I was able to meet quite a lot of people including entrepreneurs of different sectors, and build my own network with them for a future run and this I feel was one of the best parts of the internship for me.

The writing part was always fun for me, along with which I got to learn from my mentors the art of using precise language, that would enhance the whole article and make it more interesting and involving for the readers, even without changing the meaning of what it was initially.

Another best part of the internship was the comfort zone that my mentors had created for me by allowing me to take my own time for every article. Even with the internship going on, I never missed my online studies or any other assignments. There was always sufficient time for everything. And I am truly grateful for that.

Along with experience in content writing and connecting with new people, I've also learned business communication while interviewing or talking with the entrepreneurs. While talking to entrepreneurs for articles I always felt proud of myself to be associated with such a network that gave me the freedom of expression in true sense.

To my mentors, Purnima Ma'am and Punam Ma'am, and all my fellow interns, a big thanks to you all for always being there to help me throughout the internship. I will always be a proud member of this Corner Network Family.

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