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Everything you need to know to promote your brands (products/services) and earn more by Coselling on Corner Network.

  1. Where do I sign in?

Click the Sign-in link on Corner.Network

  1. What's the benefit of signing in?

You get an e-wallet that you can as a Buyer use to buy products or services on Corner Network. As a Coseller, you can earn your commissions when you generate sales and as a Seller, you can earn from your sales on Corner Network.

  1. Can I sign-in using multiple accounts? What are the gains or losses if I sign-in using multiple accounts?

Multiple sign-ins are unnecessary. We recommend you use one login to sign-up.

  1. Will a wallet be generated for me as soon as I sign in?


  1. To which account will my wallet be linked?

Whichever login you use to sign-up will be linked to your wallet, while any bank can be used for cash withdrawals from the Corner Network e-wallet.

  1. Does that sign-in account need to be linked to my bank, too?

When withdrawing cash, you will use your bank account or UPI account to receive funds.

  1. How will you ensure there's no hacking into my account and wallet?

Highest Internet Security Protocols are in place.

  1. How is my referral code tracked to people I connect with and bring to Corner Network?

Automatically done when Cosell button or widget is used to share.

  1. Does my earning depend on the buying pattern of my referee?

All earnings are share of sales, therefore your earning is dependent on them (referee) buying or promoting so that sales are generated.

  1. Is there any other avenue for me to earn on Corner Network?

You can open a Seller account and sell directly to the network, via other Cosellers

  1. Can I get brands and businesses to Corner Network to expand my earnings?

Yes, apart from the share of commissions, Corner Network also automatically shares 5% of profit from all businesses referred to by members.

  1. What are the processes to onboard businesses on Corner Network?

Referring the business to the Shoptype Onboarding Team at onboarding@shoptype.com is sufficient.

  1. What will be the commission I earn from referees?

Your share of earnings will be 5% from all sales made by referees, by individual Cosellers, as well as from referred businesses on Shoptype.

  1. What will be the commission I earn from businesses?

This will depend on the path of buyers; any activity that would be part of the purchase chain will get compensated based on the Corner Network rules of sharing of commissions.

  1. Will I be earning income from referees that my direct referees have brought in?

The 5% network referral structure ends at the referee level. You will not earn income from referees of your direct referees. It pays to have a thick network of referees, yourself.

  1. Can a person become a direct sign-in on Corner Network?

Yes. You can be a direct sign-up on the corner.network website.

  1. If someone has heard of Corner Network from one person but that someone signs in to Corner Network directly without the referral code, can the someone still become part of the introducer's referral?

The way the system works is the way the Internet works - using links and clicks - and that is the only way the system records referrals. In the initial phases, one may invite verbally, and process the members / businesses manually, but this will be fully automated.

  1. What is my incentive to talk to someone about Corner Network, without ensuring referral link to the introducer, such as me?

They may buy something, increasing the earnout of the whole network, including the possibility of them clicking or sharing your content. But in general, it is best to drive referrals via links.

  1. Is this network marketing?

It is direct marketing, each Coseller markets to their immediate community only.

  1. Is this a pyramid scheme?

No, payments are made from available commissions from each sale, there is no other source of funds.

  1. Is it MLM?

No, it is the opposite, a “Reverse MLM”, because it restricts the network levels' share to only 5%, with the bulk 95% paid to direct Cosellers who made each sale possible.

  1. How is Corner Network different from an e-commerce website?

It is a Social Market Network that services B2B2C value chain, delivered as a media-driven, community-powered hyperlocal platform for collaboration and commerce.

  1. Can I be duped or can I dupe someone else?


  1. How do you ensure zero fraud?

It is like eBay, buyers and sellers are directly connected to each other, reputation is used to rate sellers and buyers, and bad actors are removed from the system, including permanent bans. As members must provide KYC information in order to get paid, and the system is compliant with all local regulations and tax structures, the fraud potential is minimized using all the standard e-commerce approaches to the issue.

  1. Are there terms, words or nomenclatures specific to the business on Corner Network?

Not particularly, standard Internet vocabulary is used, including newer words such as Cosellers.

  1. Who is a Coseller on Corner Network?

All members are Cosellers, automatically.

  1. What are the benefits of coselling?

Coselling allows members to earn money by creating content or sharing content that leads to sales.

  1. Can I choose not to be a Coseller?


  1. What do I need to do to become a Coseller?

Sign up on Corner Network or Shoptype.

  1. How do you ensure transparency in the accounts?

It is powered by Opentangle, a blockchain-like platform that keeps auditable records of all interactions and monetary transactions.

  1. Will I get regular account statements?


  1. Can I access my statement of account anytime I wish?


  1. In case of dispute, what are my points of escalation?

Corner Network directly connects buyers to sellers and the support is provided directly by sellers as well. CN as the tech platform facilitates this interaction.

  1. What is the purpose of Corner Network?

To create a global network of hyperlocal communities powered by media and commerce.

  1. What's the meaning of network of networks?

The Internet (inter-network) is a collection of networks that intersect with each other, this is an example of a network of networks.

  1. How do I benefit from the network of networks?

By becoming a Coseller and earning money from sales

  1. Will I also be earning in dollars from other networks?

Yes, earnings are in the same currency as the buy/sell transactions.

  1. How will my taxes be managed?

Cosellers have to pay all standard taxes, the system will generate statements.

  1. What kind of taxes will I personally need to manage?

Standard income taxes as mandated by your local government.

  1. Should I look at this income like any other income I'd earn from business?


  1. Do you provide training to help me get better at this business?

There are courses available, yes.

  1. Can I withdraw money I earn on Corner Network into my bank account?


  1. Can I make purchases on Corner Network with the money in my wallet?

Yes, it is regular currency.

  1. Is there a QR code specific to Corner Network that I can use at a physical store to help me or my referee redeem?

This feature is coming soon.

  1. Can I take an overdraft on my account?


  1. Can I redeem without sufficient funds in my Corner Network wallet?

There is nothing to redeem, it is just funds sitting in e-Wallet like Paytm.

  1. Can I nominate someone to my wallet?

You can share your wallet with someone, or transfer money into any bank account.

  1. Can I transfer funds from my wallet to another wallet?


  1. Will I earn interest in the accrued amount in my wallet?

No, but various banks may offer various rates to Coseller depending on earnings.

  1. Is this a zero balance wallet account? Or should I always have a minimum balance?

No minimum amount required.

  1. What happens to my unused balance in my wallet?

It can be withdrawn.

  1. Can I have more than one email id linked to my wallet?


  1. Is there a Corner Network in my city?

Likely coming soon.

  1. If there is no Corner Network in my city, what are the steps for me to create one in my city?

Reach out to the Corner Network team at info@corner.network

  1. How can I get a balance statement of the amount in my wallet on a monthly basis?

It is electronically available at any time on the website.

  1. What if I discover at a later date that some money is missing from my wallet? Who do I escalate this to?

Corner Network Support.

  1. Can I get updates/alerts on my favorite shopping items?

Feature Coming Soon.

  1. Is there a way to know how best I can earn through coselling, i.e., making the most of the coselling feature?

Take some training courses, and/or join coseller groups.

  1. I live in India and my products are available here but want to sell to other countries, is that possible? Would Corner Network be able to handle packaging and delivery?

Corner Network is only the online technology platform that connects all the market participants, similar to eBay, each seller does its own fulfillment. There are paid services available via Corner Network.

  1. I don’t have a website, or am not on any ecommerce site. How can I sell through Corner Network?

For a small fee, Corner Network can set up full e-commerce and marketing technology for any brand or business.

  1. Corner Network does not really sell my products but only promotes them. Would you undertake to do some marketing for some of my products through ads, push notifications? If yes, what are the charges?

Depends on the volume of targeting, please ask for the price list at info@corner.network

  1. What do I need to do to push success for my products?

Training, join groups.

  1. Do you organise training sessions for brands to sell on Corner Network?


  1. In the absence of a website, how do brands upload Terms & Conditions?

  2. In case of disputes about brands that are small scale home-grown brands, what is the best precaution, or the best course of action?

All standard precautions are to be taken, as Corner Network is only a tech platform connecting sellers and buyers, disputes are handled directly by seller, and reputation score applies to all parties.

  1. Do home kitchens and home bakers need any certificates from regulatory bodies?

As needed by local regulations.

  1. Will Awake/Corner Network help legally in standing up for brands?

Yes, for a small service charge, this can be done cost effectively.

  1. How will perishable brands receive notifications for orders, specially in the absence of a brand website?

Via email.

  1. How and when does Corner Network get the commission from brands after selling the units?

It happens at sale, the commission is deducted from the full purchase price and is sent to various parties.

  1. How does GST get applied?

Transparently, by sellers, and Corner Network transfers the whole amount minus commissions straight to seller, and seller can remit to the Govt.

  1. Is it necessary to get a GST number for brands doing business below the stipulated limit?

This is always recommended.

  1. How will the brand adjust GST levied by Corner Network?

It will be managed by the system in a pass-through manner, and each party will report their own income and pay GST, Corner Network being a tech platform, only makes the connection between seller and buyer.

  1. How should brands adjust courier and packaging charges vis-a-vis commission to Corner Network?

These charges are unrelated, as Cosellers only make whatever commissions are available to them. Thus, shipping charge is borne by the Seller unless buyer pays for shipping, and the Coseller commissions are independent of shipping charges.

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