Exciting opportunity to create the new internet!
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Exciting opportunity to create the new internet!

Proposal for Internship


Corner Network is a new digital platform, which we believe is the next big wonderful thing to happen in India.

Helping prepare for the changing times...
These Covid19 times have changed a lot of things across the world and we believe post-Covid19 will herald a new normal.

With this in mind, a group of change-makers, entrepreneurs and serial investors, some residing in the US, believe now is the time to introduce a virtual marketplace from India, known as Corner.Network, with its launchpad in Pune. Corner.Network has been conceived as a collaborative, community-centric enabler platform, a global membership network of participating local businesses and corner shops, community bodies, non-profits, local media organizations as well. It would be replicated in every micro-market (e.g., Viman Nagar), city (Pune), region (south Maharashtra), state (Maharashtra), country (India), and in other countries in Asia and Africa, to begin with.

Customers - not just ambassadors, now also Co-sellers!

For the past decade, digital media and social platforms have taken over advertising. Influencers have become the only way for brands to reach consumers in economical ways, across various platforms of the Internet.

Corner Network, which sits on Awake, a new Meta Network Protocol and technology platform, allows any individual or any network on the Internet to create fair-value markets. In practical terms, Corner Network allows influencers and agencies to monetize their content and audience directly via e-commerce.

What's unique about Corner Network

The beginning of 2020 has brought with it global challenges, but we continue to stay focused on what’s possible! Corner Network on the Awake platform is the only patented technology which allows payments to multiple people all at one time online, through an AI powered engine. We invite students to explore the future of digital markets, and to participate in the re-architecture of media and commerce across the Internet with Corner Network.

How do businesses benefit with Corner Network

Corner Network enables businesses to become a fulfillment center to not just the city of Pune and PCMC but across the country, with the help of the following:

  1. Back-end IT requirement for the integrating to a robust Co-seller program.

  2. The attribution and billing system enables online customers to become co-sellers

  3. The integration required from receiving orders to collection of online payments and attributions

  4. All the analytics and features that help track and create future strategies

  5. Online marketing activities


For an Internship period of between one to three months

Required Skills and Experience


The candidate should be enrolled in the second or final academic year of a first university degree programme (such as bachelor’s degree or equivalent). Graphic Design/ Mass Media/ Communication/Liberal Arts/ Social Sciences, or relevant fields is preferred.


  • Excellent graphic designing skills

  • Proficient in using software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, or equivalent software etc.

  • Excellent content writing skills

  • Social media management understanding

  • Strong commitment to production of good output, excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Good command in MS Office, CMS, web-based applications

  • Fluency in English

Under the guidance and supervision of the Content Management team, the Intern’s deliverables are as follows:


  • Develop content for website (articles/videos on various topics and brands that are on sale on the Corner Network platform; interview people and businesses)

  • Design communication creatives and other visual aids for greater engagement on social media platforms of Corner Network (CN)

  • Design marketing collaterals for dissemination on the platform and social media;

  • Design/create social media campaigns for the launch of new products/services on Corner Network

  • Connect Media platforms to Corner Network for more writers

  • Market Corner Network to businesses and local residents and onboard them

  • Ideate on sections that could facilitate more commerce and industry on the platform

  • Prepare visual representations, infographics as required

  • Upload photographs for the Corner Network Photogallery

  • Support with creation of Swap microsite on the platform

  • Support organizing of webinars and training programs/workshops on Corner Network

  • Support effective and efficient provision of services and follow-up on deadlines and commitments made

  • Support the team with other relevant tasks.

Expectations from Interns

· It is important for interns to understand the concepts of the new world internet before they begin work.

· Interns must ensure their work is original and that has been no plagiarism. Any content (text and images) that is used for Corner Network must be duly acknowledged.

· Interns must be careful not to make any false promises on behalf of Awake.VC or Corner.Network

· Interns need to work for 2 hours per day for 6 days, flexible working days with appropriate comp offs, reporting on results daily.

On completion of internship

Certificate of successful completion of internship from the Awake group/Corner Network.


  • Opportunity to be Author: Articles written by intern will be in the name of the intern

  • Great learning: New concept of start-up will give interns a chance for great learning; allow them opportunities to ideate and grow their own experience

  • Earn for a long time: When interns introduce businesses to the platform they get a percentage of the commission on their e-wallet till as long as the shop remains onboarded. When they introduce buyers they earn commission on every purchase made by the buyer. Earnings (which go directly into their e-wallet that is created at the time of their log-in) can be used to buy on Corner Network or withdraw money into their accounts.


The application for internship should contain:

  1. Applicant’s CV in English

  2. SOP on why s/he wishes to intern with us

Application should be sent by email at info@corner.network or corner.network.content@gmail.com

Selected candidates will receive a communication of acceptance by email after a brief interview. They are expected to begin on the first Monday after receipt of email for commencement of the internship. Due to Covid times, all interns are expected to work remotely. A daily report of work done is to be submitted at the end of the day.

For enquiries and further details, contact:

Contact: info@corner.network / corner.network.content@gmail.com


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