Yogesh Shinde is creating an image makeover for bamboo

From 'the poor man’s timber' to 'the wise man’s timber': Bamboo India
Yogesh Shinde is creating an image makeover for bamboo
Bamboo, the planet's largest grass https://www.bambooindia.com/

Every great enterprise begins with a great thought. And when it is about helping farmers in India together with doing the best for the environment, it proves to be a heady mix. A turning point in Yogesh Shinde's life was when a close family friend whose family was into farming, chose suicide to get out of his financial woes. That fired his resolve to do his bit to lift the life of an average Indian farmer. His exposure to the iconic consumable products in Europe and the affluence of European farmers, all pointed to the seamless integration of farming and the country's food and drink culture. Barley, a major crop that's used to make beer has made Germany the beer capital of the world, with its heavily promoted beer fests having reached cult status. We all know too well, in France, it's the wine culture.

Social Entrepreneur, Yogesh Shinde
Social Entrepreneur, Yogesh Shindehttps://www.bambooindia.com/

With this understanding, Shinde explored the widely cultivated bamboo plantations in Maharashtra, in India. He identified that while helping the farming community, smart products made from bamboo would also help reduce the use of plastic products. Bamboo India was formed on India's Independence Day in 2016. Four years since the start of the enterprise, Bamboo India has achieved remarkable milestones: over 1300 tons of plastic waste was reduced with innovative bamboo products, while 3 million bamboo toothbrushes were sold.

Bamboo toothbrushes vs Plastic toothbrushes
Bamboo toothbrushes vs Plastic toothbrusheshttps://www.bambooindia.com/

Why using plastic toothbrushes is harmful

Every plastic toothbrush manufactured and used since it was invented in 1938 still exists on our planet and will stay in the same form for the next 1000 years, at least. Every part of the toothbrush including the handle and the bristles are manufactured from petroleum-based plastic, which is non-biodegradable. Plastic releases endocrine-disrupting chemicals into our bloodstream, that cause several health problems. Such as a lower sperm count in men and fertility disorders like poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in women. That's how unfriendly plastic is to the environment and life. Imagine the impact to the environment when more than a billion plastic toothbrushes, creating 50 million pounds of waste annually, go into the landfills. Here's your chance to be the solution to the problem. Use this earth and life friendly bamboo toothbrush from Bamboo India and make this earth greener and healthier.

The poor man’s timber is fast becoming the wise man’s timber

1500 bamboo farmers and artisans across India are helping change the perception of bamboo being the poor man’s timber to the wise man’s timber with a stylish range of products that include among toothbrushes, shaving brushes, earbuds, notebooks and pens, straws, clothing pegs, travel kits and speakers, and a host of other product categories. These products most certainly help in making our planet green again for our children and their offspring.

The Bamboo India logo
The Bamboo India logohttps://www.bambooindia.com/

Why bamboo is better for the environment

  • Quick growth- Bamboo, the planet's largest grass reaches full maturity in a matter of months or years, making it one of the fastest growing plant on the planet

  • Reduces CO2 - Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide than most other plants, and releases 35% more oxygen than trees

  • Rejuvenates soil - Bamboo rejuvenates the soil as the thick root systems keep the it in place, and the litter from leaves revitalizes the soil that has been damaged by excess farming.

  • Grows almost anywhere - Bamboo survives in rain forests as well as deserts. The plantation needs very little water and no pesticides.

You can order bamboo products from Bamboo India online, at: https://www.bambooindia.com/

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