These visual storytellers deliver on time, every time

V R Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd, with their rich expertise in storytelling and use of the latest trends and technologies in video-making, deliver powerful visual messages for a wide client-base.
These visual storytellers deliver on time, every time
Roopa Rampura and Vineet Kharat - the visual storytellersV R Interactive Solutions

When keen listening skills and creative thoughts come together, they create captivating story lines that lift the client's brief beyond imagination. It's all about experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun!

VR Interactive believes, with a no-holds-barred approach to innovation, it's possible to arrive at tailor-made solutions for client segments as diverse as corporates, social service organizations, engineering companies and architectural firms, among many others. You don't get to create over 1000 videos without adapting to client's requirements.

We spoke to Vineet Kharat, curious about the buzzing outfit it has been and the changing trends they foresee at work.

What all do you do? The range of products you deliver?

We specialize in corporate and training films along with making of motivational video, developing AV content which ranges from doing Infographics, animation content to video mapping content. What we also do is 360 Video and still photography and create VR content.

Now, after Covid-19 what do you foresee things will be with respect to film making?

Shoots will have restricted crew members, while catching deadlines and clients' demands for quality work will remain unchanged. We foresee frequent edit changes, as clients would prefer to interact remotely. Our work would be tested at every stage - right from initial discussion to final approval.

What challenges do you face?

As there would be budgetary constraints, our offers could impact our earnings by around half. Besides, the effectiveness of interpersonal interaction would take a hit.

Also, when an NDA is signed with all clients any uploading of sample videos for demo would be breach of contract. All these years we sought clients' permissions to show their videos to potential clients.

Exciting experiences?

Several! The first project on Avalanches India; first 3D game for the Defence forces; working on a tight 15-day deadline to develop a presentation for PM Modi for the Uttarakhand government; being part of the team launching Rolls Royce in India; making video of President Abdul Kalam to showcase IISER, Pune, which he remotely inaugurated from NCL; doing a film on foreign location and delivering a complete film in four days, with distribution of 280 DVDs at the end of the tour, to every member of the client's team.

Proud moments?

To have nurtured clients for over 23 years, while they have valued our Core Expertise in the following areas:

  • Films

  • Animations

  • Infographics

  • Video Mapping

  • 360° Photography

  • Interactive Presentations

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