The Beginning of the New Internet

The story behind the creation of AwakeVC and this very website
The Beginning of the New Internet
Amit Rathore, the founder of AwakeVC

Amit Rathore is a serial entrepreneur, and a successful one to boot. Having nursed multiple startups to adulthood successfully, he is a formidable force, but more importantly, an interesting point of discussion. In this article, we shall discuss Amit’s journey up until this point, as well as his latest work.

Our story begins with Ideas Inc. Ideas Inc. was less of a company and more of a name that a teenage Amit attached to all his plans. The slogan of Ideas Inc. was “the power of the young mind”. The slogan reflects his belief at the time that young people were not taken seriously by adults despite the fact that they had better ideas. Despite the teenage arrogance palpable in that belief - an arrogance which Amit seems to have shed - he still has the same fascination with new ideas.

Amit started his tech career very early, where as an adolescent he wrote software for a Bangalore newspaper. As an adult, like a lot of talented tech employees, Amit found himself working at IBM. However, after six months he could no longer take the soulless corporate culture and decided to leave. He joined ThoughtWorks, a tech consultancy firm and stayed with them for a few years. But as Amit was working on the Google Chrome pre-launch with ThoughtWorks he decided to quit in order to build something of his own.

This brings us to 2008 when Amit set up Runa. The concept behind Runa was a simple one, but it was effective. Giants like Amazon have extremely sophisticated software to help them boost sales. They do this by analyzing customers' behavior on their websites. This software was tried and tested, it had been successful, but smaller online retailers did not have access to it. Amit identified a potential market born out of this situation. Soon Runa was powering GroupOn, eBay, Staples, and more.

Runa was a huge success, and after 5 years at the helm, Amit sold the company to Staples and helped integrate it into Staples’ online ecosystem. This success fueled Amit. He went on to set up numerous businesses in the following years exploring numerous markets from cryptocurrency to AI assistants; he even wrote a book.

Finally, in 2014 Amit founded Quintype. Quintype is primarily a Content Management System that attempts to modernize the concept of a CMS, it was created for desktops as well as mobile devices, and best of all, it is entirely free to use. But Quintype is much more than a CMS, it offers various other services as well, such as helping customers manage subscriptions etc.

5 years later, in early 2019, AwakeVC was born. AwakeVC serves as a parent company to numerous local online shopping websites. These websites take a different approach to online selling.

Each store under Awake is divided into two parts, the shop and the content. The content end of AwakeVC websites is run on Quintype while the storefront runs on Shoptype. Shoptype was also founded in 2019 (after AwakeVC) and helps connect sellers to influencers and customers. Thus, the AwakeVC was properly set up in 2019. In 2020 so far, the various local stores on the platform have been focused on two things: (1) Securing the products of local businesses, (2) Building up a library of good content. Some of these stores, like, are starting to look extremely promising and exciting.

Hyperlocal online stores have, so far, been a relatively unexplored concept. AwakeVC is on the bleeding edge of the online retail business. Soon there will be a store on AwakeVC in every big city and more. Thus, these are exciting times for not just Amit Rathore and his partners but the internet as a whole.

"These are exciting times for the internet as a whole."
Amit Rathore

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