Sweat and Shine with Khushi

From being a Zumba student to becoming a Zumba instructor, the story of Palak Narang also known as ZIN Khushi Narang.
Sweat and Shine with Khushi
ZIN Khushi NarangKhushi Narang

Suddenly being hit by the lockdown and with the kids having to stay home all day and with a sudden stop to their daily physical activities, Mr and Mrs Shetty were tremendously troubled until they came across the Instagram handle of a licenced Zumba instructor named Khushi Narang. They were impressed by the uniqueness of a certified 19-year old and the way she makes individuals feel from “I have to do it” to “I want to do it”. Not just that, classes are scheduled according to festivals and themes, three days a week or twelve days a month, with some new choreography every week. Many times enthusiasts from different age groups come together to perform a relaxing, yet progressive workout with adjustable timings. Soon after, The Shettys enrolled their kids for virtual training with the brand.

Zumba sessions for Kids
Zumba sessions for KidsKhushi Narang

“As a kid I was always passionate about dancing! Post my 10th board examinations I enrolled myself for fitness classes to shed the extra weight I had gained not knowing this one decision would change my life! One day, the Zumba instructor didn’t show up for class; since everyone knew I was into dance I was asked to lead a few songs. It was then that I realised that leading the class did not only give me immeasurable happiness and confidence, but made me realise that I was able to make others feel happy and comfortable in their own skin! Two years later, after my 12th board examinations I took up the B1 training from Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) Shweta Kulkarni and got a license to teach Zumba. Ever since then I have been dancing and changing lives every single day. Zumba is my side hustle and I am ZIN proud!” said Khushi.

'Sweat and Shine with Khushi’ has done many events such as Fitness Marathon with ZES Shweta Kulkarni, Corporate Zumba weeks and themed events for friendship day, Navratri, Christmas, Halloween, birthday parties and Independence Day too.

Christmas themed sessions
Christmas themed sessionsKhushi Narang

Khushi’s Zumba Bubble Theory

“Zumba is my happy drug”, says Khushi who has propounded the Zumba Bubble Theory, which says that there is an imaginary magical area surrounding you during class that creates a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. There are no worries, troubles or problems in your bubble. Your bubble demands you to practice love and forgiveness focussed on you. It is about taking a moment for yourself and getting on the dance floor.

 Sweaty & happy faces after session
Sweaty & happy faces after sessionKhushi Narang

In the year 2019, Beto Perez, Colombian dancer, choreographer and creator of Zumba - the exercise fitness program - flew down to Pune, India, all the way from Miami, Florida, for a Zumba fitness master class along with the Indian Zumba Education Specialists and Zumba jammers team. Khushi was amongst the 20 instructors to have co-hosted the mentor Beto Perez. Fitness and dance enthusiasts from across the country thronged to witness the mentor perform. The energy was hysterical with the full house dancing to some of the popular Zumba numbers.

With the mentor, Beto Perez
With the mentor, Beto PerezKhushi Narang

She has been very fortunate to have hosted the International Duo Zumba Jammers – Benjamin Richard and Rodrigo Angello as she kickstarted her year in 2020. “It was such a charismatic experience at the Phoenix Marketcity, Pune! We saw 500 participants dancing, smiling, on Zumba beats with these amazing guys! Surely the energy levels were through the roof.” says Khushi.

 ZIN with the duo jammers
ZIN with the duo jammersKhushi Narang
Post-event at the Phoenix Marketcity
Post-event at the Phoenix MarketcityKhushi Narang

During the pandemic, the young instructor raised funds through virtual sessions for the street dwellers with NGO Feedathon for Philants and also for the stray animals which was named as “ Zumba for a Cause – The Pooch Project” - these were among the many who weren’t getting the basic needs during these tough times.

The Zumba family has moved virtually now and dance their way through the tough times.

“The past seven months have been an incredible experience right from connecting with people from all around the world, converting my living area into my dance floor, streaming classes, taking up trainings to upgrade ourselves as instructors so that we can provide the best virtual classes, creating suitable playlists and choreos for online sessions to the lighting and sounds, we instructors have come a long way!” concludes the young ZIN.

Virtual sessions
Virtual sessionsKhushi Narang

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and on You Tube as well!!

Sakshi Holkar, is a management student at the Pune University specialising BBA in Hospitality and Facilities Management.

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