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Sindbaad – Expertise in various tongues
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"Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes."

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Ever tried getting a document translated from a foreign language to a language you are fluent in using an online translator? The translated document can be as incomprehensible as the original probably is. Or you are perhaps required to add English subtitles to a video film made in an Indian language. The results can range from very creative to the simply ludicrous when you use online translators.

While among online translators, Google Translate is the best of them all due to the advanced algorithm that uses its stupendous database to get the best possible, and most probable, translation. Yet, when it comes to translation of creative writing, or where local dialects, obscure tongues or slang are used, Google Translate naturally falls short of excellence. For example, translation in Indian languages - with its 23 recognized languages and 1576 classified mother tongues (according to the 1991 census) - can get the most skilled of translators from the native tongues all wound up and ‘tongue-tied’.

What then are the options for ensuring your content can be translated keeping in mind the colloquialisms, the ambiance and local flavor? Where can you find the expertise, sit back and relax knowing it will be done by someone who understands the text and is faithful to it, someone you can trust?

I think most people would turn to Sindbaad, a Pune based language translation and design services provider in corporate business.

Sindbaad has been in the business of translation jobs for all Indian and International languages for over 25 years now. Corporate documents like Wage Agreements, MoUs, Annual Reports, Brochures, Leaflets, House Magazines, Product Catalogs, MSDS, Indoor and Outdoor signages for factories and corporate offices, On-site Emergency Plan, Technical Manuals, Newsletters, e-Mailers, Web Contents, e-Magazines, digital Flipbooks, Calendars, have been delivered as turnkey projects that could involve translation, design, printing and finishing as well. Their clientele range from multinational corporate identities in the field of automotives, engineering, pharma, jewelry, among others.

Brochure for a client designed and printed at Sindbaad
Brochure for a client designed and printed at SindbaadRanjit Jadhavrao, SIndbaad
Cover of magazine designed and printed in-house at Sindbaad
Cover of magazine designed and printed in-house at SindbaadRanjit Jadhavrao, Sindbaad

Not much has changed for Sindbaad in a post-Covid19 scenario, as they have already been servicing clients all over India in an online mode. After the initial introduction through net-meeting and completing few formalities online, they seamlessly operate on any kind of assignments for our clients.

Ranjit Jadhavrao, Chief Mentor, Sindbaad
Ranjit Jadhavrao, Chief Mentor, Sindbaad

Ranjit Jadhavrao, Chief Mentor at Sindbaad, worked in the field of corporate publishing for 21 years and taking inspiration from Government of India’s initiative - ‘Start-up India’, finally decided to set-up his own own entity in May 2016, armed with rich professional experience of people and languages! He has handled an infinite number of instances that are covered under the category ‘unexpected’. Which is why he says, ‘expect the unexpected’ is his baseline of work. Any challenging assignment gets a warm welcome at ‘Sindbaad’. Till date, he says his clients have never heard a ‘no’ from him. It helps clients to have all facilities such as deigning and printing under one roof.

Ranjit is an avid trekker, with an incessant drive for exploring our world of beautiful land and languages. An explorer at heart, he decided to name his venture ‘Sindbaad’ after the fictional sailor from the Middle-Eastern folktales, Arabian Nights. Ranjit’s aim is to support growth of his clients and thereby grow along with them, offer services that are a notch more than excellent!

Ranjit reminisces that it was his father’s dream to see him set up his own entity in the field of language translations. Ranjit’s late father, Sampatrao Jadhavrao, worked for 35+ years in Sakal Media Group - a renowned media house in Maharashtra. Jadhavrao Sr had an exceptional skill in translating various technical and legal documents and was a highly respected personality in the professional community. Ranjit had seen him work on varied types of translations at home, which helped him imbibe language skills and extensive training at a very early age. He was his ultimate guide and mentor in the process of mastering language skills. His hunger for exhaustive reading kept the ‘ray of light’ ticking all these years.

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