Jewelry made from Swarovski elements. Affordable. And beautiful!

Omena's Jewelry for all occasions and everyday wear
Jewelry made from Swarovski elements. Affordable. And beautiful!
BestsellerOmena's Jewelry

I’ve been fond of wearing jewelry since my college days – it’s something I’ve gotten from my mother. At the time, I was always wearing color-coordinated necklace sets made of semi-precious stones. Women older to me were always decked in the best of jewelry, be it Gold and Diamonds, or Crystal. I yearned to wear neck pieces like those, but it’s out of bound for the regular college goer.

Marriages were the only time I’d get a chance to wear precious jewelry, and I’d make the most of it; even for mine! ;) The routine of it going back into the locker followed, which was always a buzzkill. What’s the point of having jewelry which you can’t wear regularly, right?

DIva-licious! Tassels made with Swarovski Crystals
DIva-licious! Tassels made with Swarovski CrystalsOmena's Jewelery

I was a housewife at the time, and my daily chores included cooking and housework. I was looking for a change from the monotony when my friend told me about a jewelry making class. I started going when my son was in school.

My teacher taught me the basics with beads, and I practiced at home. It became my hobby, and was as good as meditation, if not better!

Swarovski Pearl Couture
Swarovski Pearl CoutureOmena's Jewelery

I remember going shopping one day, and I passed the Swarovski store, only to take a few steps back. On display was a stunning Graded Crystal necklace that was worth something in 5 figures, and is usually out of bounds for many people; it was for me too, and I walked away, reluctantly. I thought to myself about the sheer number of people that have gone through the same heart-crushing experience, and wanted to do something to change this. Click! That’s when I thought of making Swarovski the main medium of my jewelry. The start was tough, since the raw materials are considerably expensive, but there was no comparison between what I was churning out now, and before; also, the prices are a fraction of the cost. I called a few close friends to have a look, and the feedback that I got was so good, that I decided to start a label that goes by my name – Omena’s. I’ve never looked back since.

Monday Morning Blues Jewelery
Monday Morning Blues JeweleryOmena's Jewelery

I have now added semi-precious stones, and Indian motifs to the lineup. Omena’s is now a label with multiple product categories, made with different materials, and caters to a much wider target audience.


  • Each piece is hand-crafted by me

  • Customizable

  • High quality material used – Swarovski Crystal, Pearl, Semi-Precious Stones, and Indian Motifs

Mesmerizing Skyscape Necklace
Mesmerizing Skyscape Necklace Omena's Jewelry


  • Availability of raw material

  • Courier/transport across India/Globe

Best Sellers

  • Rani Haar – Gold Swarovski Pearl

  • Bracelets in Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crytal

  • Tassel Earrings in Lilac Swarovski Crystal

  • Anklets

  • Christmas Decorations

  • Temple Jewelry – Ganpati

  • Rakhees in Swarovski Crystal

Indian Jewelery
Indian JeweleryOmena's Jewelry


  • Necklace sets

  • Earrings

  • Bracelets and Bangles

  • Finger rings

  • Temple Jewelry

  • Bar accessories such as Stirrers made with Borosil Glass embellished with Swarovski Crystal, and wine/bottle charms

  • Festive decorations

  • Banarasi Silk Stoles embellished with Swarovski Crystal

  • Anklets and Foot Jewelry

  • Cotton-Silk Cellphone Pouches

  • Nepalese Jewelry

Wedding Favors
Wedding FavorsOmena's Jewelry

Exciting Experiences/Proud Moments

  • We got the biggest adrenaline rush when asked to supply to The Lotus House at Terminal 2, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai.

  • Wedding favors supplied (Stirrer Sets) for a destination wedding in Goa.

Omena wearing her own creation
Omena wearing her own creationOmena's Jewelry

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