One man's waste, another man's treasure

Dry waste is wealth when it is recycled: ScrapCash - your link to recyclers
One man's waste, another man's treasure
Properly segregated dry waste can earn you moneyCourtesy: ScrapCash

A bit about yourself and the venture - ScrapCash
I'm Siddhant Ingle and belong to a middle class family from Jalna, a small town near Aurangabad, in Maharashtra. My father is a police officer and mother a homemaker. I completed my schooling from Jalna and for further education, I came to Pune. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and didn't know where to start. Then, one day while selling my own scrap I faced some issues with disposing the material, which I knew were recyclable but the local kabadiwalas do not accept them, being low value items. That's when the idea of ScrapCash was born.

We started only with a few selected segments of material for recycling. Slowly, we increased our segments. Due to the complex build of some items that do not have high economical value, easy and scientific disposal is difficult, but we try to find solutions to it. The main aim of ScrapCash is to recycle as much and as many segments of material as possible. Being relatively new, and the first and only company with such a unique business model, though we face many challenges on a daily basis. However, our team is constantly trying ways to help people declutter their living space, along with solutions for recycling.

Cash milega scrap pe
Cash milega scrap peCourtesy: ScrapCash

What is unique about ScrapCash?
Generally, people don't have much knowledge about recycling. Many wish to recycle but do not have a general idea about the various materials that can be recycled. They cannot be sure if the kabadiwala recycles it or disposes it in landfills.

We at ScrapCash make sure that all the material we pick up is recycled. To develop trust among our customers, we pay them for their scrap. This is a well recorded and transparent process. You can say that this is our USP - we pay and that payment generates a trust. Besides, it helps develop a habit among people to segregate and store their scrap in a way that can be recycled.

All kinds of scrap is welcome
All kinds of scrap is welcomeCourtesy: Punam

What are the various types of waste you pick up?

We collect all kinds of recyclable materials like paper, plastic, metal, glass bottles, broken glass, ewaste, cardboards, tetra pak, etc.

What is your clientele like?

They are well-informed clientele from housing societies and individual bungalows who wish to recycle their scrap. They are knowledgeable about the harmful effects of dumping.

Now, after Covid19, how has the business scenario changed for you?

After being in-operational for four months during the lock down period, business has become slow. People are still hesitant to interact with our pick up personnel. We hope to get back on our feet now that normalcy in Pune is slowly returning.

Unsegregated dry waste such as plastic, paper and cloth etc goes to the landfill
Unsegregated dry waste such as plastic, paper and cloth etc goes to the landfillCourtesy: Pop Zebra, Unsplash

Where does the waste go?

If waste not treated properly goes to landfill. Our aim is to avoid that and make sure we collect and recycle as much as possible. Material travels from the dustbin to the end recycler benefiting not just the environment but also the economical condition of many people whose livelihood depends on this.

All dry waste; one recycler connect: ScrapCash
All dry waste; one recycler connect: ScrapCashCourtesy: ScrapCash

What challenges do you face?

Initial challenges were pretty different - where we wanted to create awareness and many people helped us with that. Now our biggest challenge is in making people segregate the waste. We also face issues in managing logistics, as there are no fixed parameters for recycling of materials. But we are still working and trying to solve this issues.

The future of waste management is recycling
The future of waste management is recyclingCourtesy: Volodymyr Hryshchenko, Unsplash

How do you see the future of waste management?

Waste management is going to happen on a large scale in India, in the future. Instead of dumping in landfill there would be more recycling happening all over India. Due to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, a lot has changed - there is awareness in the community now, and it will go further from here.

Happy to pick up scrap
Happy to pick up scrapCourtesy: ScrapCash

What should we do to treat waste like it should be treated?

You might have heard a phrase " one man's waste is another man's treasure" it is treasure only if you keep it that way. Proper segregation and storage is important to make sure the material is recyclable.

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