Ajinder (Aju) Marwah's home-based venture
Baker Ajinder Marwah

Ajinder Marwah, or Aju as she is popularly known as, is a thorough bred Punjabi, so food and fun are in her DNA. She carries with her an array of experiences which include training, marketing, business development, operations and management.

Since the last 3 years she has traded her full time training profile for freelancing as a corporate trainer to be able to pursue her passion for baking.

Currently she runs a brand called Baked. A home based venture born solely out of passion for baking and confectionery.

And since teaching has been an integral part of her career and she firmly believes that knowledge and skills not shared are knowledge and skills wasted she regularly conducts Baking workshops for adults and kids.

On a personal level Aju is very adventurous. Loves reading, traveling, music, meeting new people and making friends and learning daily.

Aju has just baked a batch of chocolate brownies
Aju has just baked a batch of chocolate brownies

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