A matrimonial service for the educated, by the educated

A matrimonial service for the educated, by the educated


A bit about myself and the venture

Mine is a Matrimonial Service for Educated by Educated. I am a Board/University topper, married to a technocrat from IIT. Both sons have Ivy League education and are well settled with their wives pursuing their careers.

I turned my hobby and passion for match-making into a profession and has been my steady business for the last thirty years.

Marriage is all about companionship, compromise and sharing. Marriages are made in heaven and I try being instrumental in making those happen on earth.

Modern day parents are busy in their lives and children are busier. Hunting for a partner is not an easy task when your life is on a fast track. So, they pass over the stress to me.


Damn good advice
Damn good adviceCourtesy: Frame Harirak, Unsplash


  • Genuine profiles.

  • My personal involvement.

Various related services

I offer my advice on-

  • How to & whom to approach

  • How to deal with resulting eventualities

Expectations, location and background important pointers
Expectations, location and background important pointersCourtesy: El, Unsplashement5 Digital

Who are the kind of clients you service through your matrimonial service?

My clients are cosmopolitan educated families.

Suggestions for suitable matches

I make suggestions based on -

  • Candidates' expectations

  • Location

  • Background

Keep the communication going
Keep the communication goingCourtesy: Christian Wiediger, Unsplash

The changed scenario after Covid19

Personal meetings have been replaced by virtual meetings (Video calls).

Challenges faced in these times

  • For me, it is a challenge to persuade my clients to keep communication ongoing in virtual space.

  • For my clients, it is decision making in absence of personal meeting.

A promise to cherish and love
A promise to cherish and loveCourtesy: Yogi Trivedi, Bharati Gupte

What keeps me going

  • Under normal circumstances, when two individuals tie the knot.

  • In current scenario, when two individuals decide to keep their interest alive until the situation is normal.

A reflection on why some marriages may have failed

Successful marriage is all about compromises and adjustments. There is nothing constant in married life it is full of ups and downs (turbulences). Both must constantly adjust and compromise to make it smooth sailing.

Marriage is like glass; both the and partners need to be transparent like it and understand that it is brittle so should be handled with care.

A relationship that needs to be handled with care
A relationship that needs to be handled with careCourtesy: Krunal Shah, Bharati Gupte

What kind of demands are difficult to meet

Any “Demand” is difficult to meet as nobody likes a demanding party in the current era. One can list expectations and yet, be flexible about those, at the same time.

Inhale the future, exhale the past
Inhale the future, exhale the pastCourtesy: Toa- Heftiba, Unsplash

You can get in touch at matchmaker@bharatigmatri.co.in

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