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A Box for every mood, reason, season and occasion
The Veg Boxxx - Cook It Yourself 
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TheVegBoxxx - happiness unboxedKamlesh Melwani

The Veg Boxxx is a ship that has just hit the waters, at the helm are two very hands-on partners / promoters: Nisha Nair and Kamlesh Melwani.

The Veg Boxxx, or TVB as it's called, is the brainchild of these two partners who shared a common vision of making life easy, when it comes to one of the three elementary pillars of human life - food. Eating - it is so much fun, but cooking - it is the forever Achilles Heel! All because of the steps preceding the final process: buying grocery, purchasing veggies, cleaning and sanitizing them, washing, cutting and prepping them to cook: ahhh, so much to do in one small life.

The Veg Boxxx is an avant-garde concept, which is all about making life easy and a whole lot better in more ways than one. It is your ‘One Stop Store’ for ‘Convenient, Hassle-free and Effortlessly Exciting Cooking’.

Nisha Nair, marketing maverick, brand consultant, and co-promoter of The Veg Boxxx
Nisha Nair, marketing maverick, brand consultant, and co-promoter of The Veg Boxxx
Kamlesh Melwani, ardent foodie, Hospitality Management guru, and co-promoter of The Veg Boxxx
Kamlesh Melwani, ardent foodie, Hospitality Management guru, and co-promoter of The Veg Boxxx

The promoters

Nisha Nair, a marketing maverick and a qualified brand consultant, who holds a distinction of working in top global brands like Oracle, Times of India, Radio Mirchi, and a few more in her professional sojourn. Her core forte is creating brands from scratch and handhold them till they sustain, survive and begin to thrive on their own. Her ‘Moment of Truth’ came after 12 years of enriching career in the brands mentioned above, that is when she decided to foray into her venture called ‘Brand and Retail Solutions’, an organisation which is a curve ahead than time and market norms in helping brands building a new identity through field and digital interventions. In her entrepreneurial journey, she has worked, and in fact is still working, with a lot of global brands such as ‘Ferrero, Emami, Tata Global Beverages, Weikfield, Godrej, Patanjali, Café Coffee Day, TTK Prestige, Havells, Sandvik and Force Motors.

Kamlesh Melwani, a Harvard certified business leader, who has a highly creditable and an extremely rich body of work behind him. First and foremost, an ardent foodie, then a qualified Hospitality and Customer Experience Management professional with an enriching career that spanned over 20 years before he decided to take the plunge and leverage his experience and expertise in setting up his long lived dream of breaking barriers when it comes to ‘cooking’ and the notions attached with it. Kamlesh, in past has worked in 17 countries, and has held the leadership positions in many world renowned brands such as Bharti Airtel (Indian and Global Operations), Reliance Industries, Dishnet Wireless, ANB Global and Tata Group to mention a few.

Happiness in a box
Happiness in a boxKamlesh Melwani

The Veg Boxxx offerings

CIY (Cook It Yourself) Meal Boxes: A Box for every mood, reason, season and occasion. Every ‘CIY Cooking Kit’ from The Veg Boxxx offers:

  • A ‘Step by Step’ cooking recipe

  • Pre-washed, cleaned, sanitized, cut vegetables

  • All the required spices, condiments, herbs, sauces, grains and pulses.

  • And, last but not the least, a whole lot of ‘happiness’

Happiness unboxed - The Veg Boxxx Meal KIt displaying ingredients for a Cook It Yourself meal
Happiness unboxed - The Veg Boxxx Meal KIt displaying ingredients for a Cook It Yourself mealKamlesh Melwani

The Veg Boxxx’s USP

The prime USP of TVB CIY Meal Kits is the convenience it offers to its patrons. It’s a novel concept that does ‘all the tedious work’ before you wear your apron and become your own ‘Masterchef’. It’s your supply chain, pantry, kitchen helper, recipe maker, all rolled in one. 25 USPs of TVB Meal Kits are mentioned below:

1. Hassle-free – No more veggie shopping trips

2. Convenient – No more queuing for grocery shopping

3. Easy Availability – No replenishment required

4. Cost-effective – Save costs on many attributes

5. Time-efficient – Instant, ready to cook ingredients

6. Optimized Resources – No spoilage/ wastage

7. Hygienic – Cleaned, sanitized and cut veggies

8. Safe – No need to step out in crowd, less human contact

9. Atmanirbhar – No maids required for chopping, dough kneading

10. Exotic – Fresh and fancy ingredients

11. Flexibility – Hold subscription (As per convenience)

12. Clutter-free – No chopping means less mess

13. Comfort – Timely home delivery

14. Sanitized – Save on time, effort and costs in sanitizing vegetables

15. Variety – No more boring food, try experimental cuisines/ recipes

16. Responsibility Sharing – Easy recipes with step-by-step directions (Anyone can cook)

17. Organized – No more scraping for shelf / storage space

18. Eco-friendly – Less fuel costs/ less Mall trips/ less CO2

19. Structured – Save yourself from the most irritating question ‘Kal Kya Banayen?

20. Celebrate – Feast Kit provided once a month for celebrations/ special occasions

21. Creative – Be experimental and try new cuisines

22. Immersive – Be your own ‘Masterchef’, no missing ingredients

23. Parsimonious – Save on unnecessary indulgences while visiting the supermarkets

24. Simple – Cook like it’s a ‘child’s play’

25. Presentable – Veggie cuts as per recipe

Types of products on offer

  • CIY Boxes ranging from Mughlai to regional Indian dishes to Oriental to Italian cuisine to even pizzas, burgers and chaats, TVB has everything one expects to be served on a platter under the sun.

  • With 100+ CIY options, one can create both fancy and everyday foods with utmost ease.

  • TVB also offers an expansive range of assortment boxes to satiate any food craving that one may have. These 'Assortment Boxes' allow you the freedom of choosing variety grubs, without having to worry about spoilage/ wastage.

  • 'Baking / Sweet Meat Kits’ on offer for various cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and a vast variety of Indian/ Western desserts.

  • A whole range of natural products by the brand name ‘Earthy Elements’: Jams/ preserves, hand-crafted date spreads (no added sugar), cookies/ biscuits and crisps (ragi/ jowar/ sourdough/ oats), bath salts, cocktail mixers, brittles and khakhras, flavoured Green Tea and immunity boosters.

A recipe sheet that accompanies The Veg Boxxx Hakka Noodles
A recipe sheet that accompanies The Veg Boxxx Hakka Noodles Kari John

TVB’s clientele

TVB started with a vision to cater to the ‘Working/ Middle Class’ segment who is always short of time in order to make ends meet. However, the concept proved to be a boon to the stags as well who are not a pro at cooking. With TVB’s step-by-step recipe guide and the holistic meal pack, now anyone can cook !!!

Palak puris from The Veg Boxxx
Palak puris from The Veg BoxxxMalvika's Kitchen

Business scenario post-Covid-19

While there is no denial that Covid-19 is the worst pandemic that the mankind has seen and one can only pray that the ‘new normal’ soon becomes obsolete and we go back to the pre-Covid era. But to be honest, Covid-19’s ‘new normal’ only added fuel to the fire, TVB is no more a brand catering only to above-mentioned select segments. It’s now preferred across segments as it addresses most of the Covid-19 hazards without trying too hard. While it saves you from your risk filled market trips to buy grocery/ veggies, it also helps you to cook in a ‘jiffy’ despite unavailability of house helps/ maids. The TVB subscription model is as cost-effective as it can get, it saves on your monthly expenses in ways more than one. Imagine the freshly kneaded dough delivered at your doorstep every day, what else can one ask for.

Veg Spring Rolls made super easy, courtesy The Veg Boxxx
Veg Spring Rolls made super easy, courtesy The Veg BoxxxMalvika's Kitchen

What makes us happy

Well, the smiles on our patron’s faces makes us walking these extra miles for them feels so worth it. Moreover, the way people welcome and embrace your concept and efforts is the most gratifying thing for any organisation, and we are no different. Always grateful for the love and overwhelming support that we are receiving from our extended families. We encourage our customers to give us honest feedback and reviews so as to make us only better, and we are always happy to hear from our patrons first hand and work on their inputs. Also, its not always about external customers, but also the TVB internal team, vendors and suppliers. We are the happiest the way we have developed TVB as a big happy family.

Testimonial from a self-confessed "Novice turns Masterchef"
Testimonial from a self-confessed "Novice turns Masterchef"Shivani Mohite


It’s too early to boast about success stories, however the acceptance and the response we are getting from Pune is simply overwhelming. Apart from the usual online ordering, we are getting innumerable requests from the housing societies and RWAs to cover their premises for our weekly activations. Our success truly lies in the bountiful of positive reviews and extremely encouraging word of mouth about us. After this inordinate response at Pune, we are planning to roll out TVB in 6 new cities by the first quarter of 2021.

Aloo gobi and Pasta - Two 'The Veg Boxxx' CIY dishes tried out by a delighted customer !
Aloo gobi and Pasta - Two 'The Veg Boxxx' CIY dishes tried out by a delighted customer !

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