Melting Ways - Cakes that melt in the mouth

Creating Art that Melts in the Mouth
Melting Ways - Cakes that melt in the mouth
A Birthday Cake for a SmokerSheetal Rane: Melting Ways

Designer confectionery Melting Ways was launched by Sheetal Rane seven years back, to fulfill a long cherished dream.

A graphic designer by training, Sheetal had over seven years of experience with corporate organizations in Mumbai. While she loved her job, she was keen to start a café, but then marriage happened and she moved to Pune. Her love for food and baking led her to experiment with different types of breads, when she decided to do a course in baking. With encouragement from her husband, she launched Melting Ways with her first offerings being gourmet chocolates and brownies.

Mango Rose Cake
Mango Rose CakeSheetal Rane: Melting Ways

Being fond of children, Sheetal conducted special bakery workshops for children aged 7 to 9 years during the summer vacation. And she made sure the parents weren’t around. Kids love to experiment with different types of cooking and she allowed them to do so, and created some interesting dishes. Some students are still in touch. They make some dishes and ask her for her opinion on them. Others call her up when they are stuck while cooking.

Baking Workshop for Children
Baking Workshop for ChildrenSheetal Rane: Melting Ways

After the birth of her twin boys, she began to focus on cakes for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Sheetal particularly loves wedding cakes where she uses sugar flowers that look practically real. While wedding and occasion cakes are a treat to look at, Indian bakers have to handle more than just their customers’ special demands. Often customers come with last-minute requests, and are not very sure of what they really want. A lot of them assume that baking and frosting is a cake-walk! And making a beautiful cream cake is only half the battle; packing and transporting the cake is a huge challenge. Bad roads and the heat and dust can sometimes deliver very unpleasant surprises. Sheetal says that as a graphic designer there were limitations but here in cake designing there are no limitations, it's an open canvas. She has to ask a lot of probing questions to her customers So that she is able to give them exactly what they want and that the final product meets their expectations. Every time Sheetal starts a cake she prays that people should like the taste of her cake as much as the looks. Every cake is for a special occasion and she wants that the occasion is made much happier by the quality of her cake.

Sugar-paste flowers that look like the real thing
Sugar-paste flowers that look like the real thingSheetal Rane: Melting Ways
Sheetal Rane
Sheetal RaneSheetal Rane: Melting Ways

The next time you have an occasion, to order your favourite cake, contact Sheetal at; Fb: Instagram: @MeltingWays

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