Adrak - the aroma of ginger chai

The daily dose of freshness at Aniket Canteen
Adrak - the aroma of ginger chai
A cup of adrak-wali chai at Aniket Canteen, Pune UniversityBhumika Pillay

The outpouring of love for tea, to some people, might seem overrated, but for students of Pune University, tea-time is an epiphany of memories they shared at Aniket Canteen of the varsity.

What is so special about this place?

Well, a place where all friends and colleagues come together and spend time doesn't need any reason to be special, it becomes one, but what makes Aniket Canteen so different is the tea they make.

You cannot buy happiness with money, that's true, but for varsity tea lovers, along with a heartfelt conversation with friends after a tiresome day, in the middle of lush green campus, happiness comes in a cup of Rs 10.

Popularly known as Adrak, Aniket Canteen's tea is a blissful experience with the first sip itself. As the name suggests, a strong punch of ginger kicks directly to your brain, and I won't be exaggerating enough even when I say it enriches your soul.

While chatting with a few of my chai buddies about Aniket's, they told me,

"Aniket's tea is like a hug-in-the-mug feeling"

"When I take a sip, I stop and see things as they are. I understand how important it is to stop in life and just have a time where you are free from the entanglements and expectations. How important it is to just relish the moment."

"Aniket Canteen + Adrak + friends = Peace of mind"

That tea can have such an impact on oneself puts me in awe of the tea connection.

A doze of refreshment after a day full of hustle
A doze of refreshment after a day full of hustleBhumika Pillay

I remember how it was an everyday banter among us as to who will foot the bill, and it was always a feeling of victory for others when one of us would succumb to saying, "Aaj ki chai meri taraf se" (today's tea is on me).

Being a student at Pune University, a visit to Aniket Canteen at least three times a day just for the tea was a daily routine for me and my friends. And just like everyone else, we have created memories that are still with us, even now when we are home.

One of my favorite 'quote of the day' at Aniket Canteen
One of my favorite 'quote of the day' at Aniket CanteenBhumika Pillay

Aniket Canteen is one of the oldest canteens on the campus of Pune University. One of my personal favorite reasons to visit this place is also the quotes they write on a whiteboard every day. They would sometimes really lift my mood.

Apart from tea, a variety of mouthwatering dishes that ranged from South Indian, North Indian, Continental, together with a vast variety of soft drinks and fresh juices with other snacks, are available here for a very reasonable amount.

It is a spacious open canteen where you will always manage to find a little space to squeeze in there among your friends even when it seems fully occupied. There is always enough space for a cup of the special Adrak!

Bhumika Pillay is a management student at the Pune University, specializing in hospitality and facilities management. She loves storytelling and writing poetry. She is fond of travelling and meeting new people and getting to know their perspective towards life.

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