The Swap! initiative in Pune
Akshay Singh, co-founder of the Swap! initiative, at a Swap! event in Kalyani NagarFrom the Swap! Library

The Swap! initiative in Pune

Exchange, sell, donate pre-owned household items for a more sustainable lifestyle

“…Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man, imagine all the people sharing all the world… you may say that I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” – John Lennon

The terms reduce, reuse and recycle are mostly associated with waste in the conventional sense. However, the 3 R’s can also be extended to include all items that are not in use for long. When useful items are not kept in use they can also be termed waste, as they are a waste of precious resource. To bring into people’s consciousness that this precious but unused (passive) resource also needs to be brought into use to become an active resource, is why the Swap! platform was started as a community initiative.

Also people love things – they like to buy things, acquire things, they seem to keep needing things in their lives, and a lot of these items occupy an emotional space. These items make them feel good. However, over time that ‘good’ feeling slowly dwindles, and at a particular time, the person is ready to part with them; not throw them away, but ensure that the items go to someone who would cherish them. And it is not always easy to find someone who will cherish them the way you would like. Swap! allows people to find others who would cherish these items of emotional connect within the community.

The purpose of Swap! is to create a sustainable world where nothing is wasted, where everything is used and continues to be used for as long as possible; it aspires to see a world where there is plentiful for everyone’s need and no space for greed.

If this resonates with you, come join the Swap! initiative in Pune city. Contact <>

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