The advent of myWanderloop
A senior couple sporting the 'myWanderLoop' wristbandRaja Narasimhan

The advent of myWanderloop

QR coded Silicone Wristband - tracking device for senior citizens

About 6 years ago, my husband Raja got a call from his school friend that his Uncle, a senior citizen, had deboarded a train in Daund while he was on his way from Chennai to Mumbai. His wife from inside the train alerted his friend when the train had started from Daund. Apparently, he had told his wife that he was going upto the toilet when the train halted at Daund. How and why he got off at Daund Railway station is not known yet. My friend's cousin, a few others and my husband set rolling to find this Senior Citizen.

When a news of a missing relative or friend hits you, you do not know where to start and what to do! Few minds have to work together. In the process, suggestions and advice come from all quarters. The impacted family, out of confusion, tends to accede to all. However, a pragmatic approach will help in a faster solution.

While we found the Senior Citizen a few kilometers away in a village in Daund, the mystery still remains how he reached there! Handful of foot soldiers armed with posters, phone numbers to share and information in bits and pieces, he was traced but without his valuable finger ring!!

Train stations can sometimes be difficult places to navigate for senior citizens
Train stations can sometimes be difficult places to navigate for senior citizensRaphael Ferraz,

Since then, my husband and I have re-united half a dozen senior citizens in Pune. Several of our friends have joined this hunt. But everyone is dismayed by each incident. With a techie friend, we launched an Android based Mobile App, Re-unite which is live and kicking but that is a reactive tool.

We have experimented with devices which are called tracking devices but they run on battery and SIM cards. An at-risk patient, particularly those who are suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia will not remember to carry such devices. Many times, we have read cases, they walk out in their night dress and even without footwear. A wearable apparatus or a device is the solution. In a few developed countries such patients are being tattooed with indelible ink. In India, many solutions are being tried.

Senior citizens with dementia may walk out of their homes ...
Senior citizens with dementia may walk out of their homes ...Yannes Kiefer,
myWanderLoop wristband is an effective and viable alternative to other tracking devices
myWanderLoop wristband is an effective and viable alternative to other tracking devicesRaja Narasimhan

After much study and research, myWanderLoop team finds that an easy to wear, less cumbersome, human friendly and easy to maintain Silicone Wristband is a viable alternative. It is pocket friendly too!

The core team of architects, designers and bankers have put in a good amount of thinking in the last few months. Students from two reputed MBA Institutes have given their time and effort during their internship to give a shape to this thinking. Any Guardian of a Senior Citizen or the Senior Citizen himself can register for its services. You can subscribe to the Band and the service for one year. It is absolutely pocket friendly for the features we have built in.

Soon you will hear about several value added services that you can link to the QR code that is printed on your customized Band. Yes, the same QR code that may help you in times of distress on the road. Any Good Samaritan or a First Responder can either call on the phone number printed or scan the QR code and alert your emergency contact or help to take you to a Hospital of your choice.

Whether a Senior Citizen or at-risk patient, this QR coded Silicone Wristband is a practical solution to get timely help in case of distress. And if you are unable to wear it on your wrist, you can wear it on your ankle. was born on an auspicious day - 74th Independence of our country. We will continue to improve its quality and services based on feedback received.

The QR code on the wristband
The QR code on the wristband
A close-up of the myWanderLoop wristband
A close-up of the myWanderLoop wristband

Here are key benefits for the various stakeholders:

Senior citizens/At-risk Patients; Family/Caregiver/Guardian; Passerby/Strangers

  • Can self-register

  • Affordable

  • Easy to use with 3 options - call emergency contact or scan QR code with camera phone or use URL to connect to the site

  • Easy to wear

  • Easy registration process

  • It enables you to take the citizen to his home or hospital depending on the situation

  • Safety outside home

  • Can register from anywhere in the world

  • Black print on yellow colour band - Easily identifiable from a distance

  • Confidence building

  • Can pay even using International Credit Cards

  • Be an angel to help a citizen who may have been lost or in an unfortunate incident

  • Trendy, lightweight and comfortable

  • Easy to update or maintain records - hospitalisation and illness details, wandering off details etc

  • Be a part of the significant social cause.

  • Can be worn on the Wrist or Ankle.

  • Peace of mind

  • Be a Superhero!!

  • Skin friendly and Water and heat resistant

  • Subscription based so automatically renewed every year

  • QR code will be a gateway for many value added services soon

  • Primary and Alternate Emergency contact number

Happy wearing!!

Author Priti Raja Narasimhan is Co-Founder Director,, Sare Jahan Se Acha Foundation, Pune

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