Sustainable Living Integrated Solutions, Pune

Platform that facilitates transformation towards sustainable living
Sustainable Living Integrated Solutions, Pune
Sustainable Lifestyle Store and Experience CentreNiranjan Upasani

Joyous, refreshing, relaxing, amazing, awesome, wonderful – these are some of those feelings which arise in us when we experience nature, isn’t it?

Would we not like to be in such state of mind forever? However, the physical (man-made) world most often takes us to the other end of the spectrum where we experience all kinds of stressful feelings, unfortunately!

Certainly, this sort of stressful state is not what we wanted as part of evolution. We term this human-controlled world as non-sustainable, for various reasons. However the phrase ‘sustainability’ itself is not properly understood or at least its context is not completely understood by many. This incomplete or wrong understanding fetches some tags (for those pursuing sustainability) as ‘environmentalist’, ‘ecologist’, ‘elitist’, etc. Whereas the ‘sustainability’ that we pursue is ever-enriching for all beings and is really delightful!

Well, we are not bothered about tags, neither are they hindering our actions. However ‘interconnectedness’ is an inherent and important characteristic of life on earth. It is also an interesting as well as important factor while looking at ‘sustainability’. Hence, as an expression of gratitude towards all the energy flowing through different connections to us, we thought that while we are pursuing sustainability, let’s offer a hand to those who would like to join in this journey. This intention has given birth to Sustainable Living Integrated Solutions or SLIS as it is referred to.

Sustainable Living Integrated Solutions (SLIS) is an entity and a platform to facilitate transformation of lifestyle towards sustainability. It represents a community of aware citizens, conscious producers and subject matter experts. It offers products, concepts, services, education, integrated solutions, space to get connected and avenues to get active for ‘Sustainable Lifestyle’ with a holistic approach!

Detail of painting on the facade of Sustainable Lifestyle Store, Pune
Detail of painting on the facade of Sustainable Lifestyle Store, PuneAbha Bhagwat

SLIS serves through five streams of offerings:

· Sustainable Lifestyle Store (SLS)

Offers wide range of products which are necessary for day-to-day living and are appropriate for sustainable lifestyle

· Sustainable Lifestyle Experience Centre (SLEC)

Offers educative sessions, experiential activities & workshops

· Annarai (अन्नराई)

Annarai, is a sacred food forest, which is an amalgamation of beautiful intentions and fine-tuned for urban spaces

· Services for Sustainable Healthy Spaces

Consulting and implementation solutions for ‘living-spaces’ and ‘work-spaces’ to make them healthier and sustainable

· Sharing & Co-creation Hub

It is a way to experience abundance and our creational potential

We have some festival related events: Seed rakhis for ‘Raksha Bandhan’, and the Sustainable Lifestyle Carnival.

For details, contact us at 07720087799 / check out

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