Stardust and Stories: Life Lessons
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Stardust and Stories: Life Lessons

A Series of Conversations with Miss World 1999 Yukta Mookhey

Along with the many highs and wonderful experiences, Ms Yukta Mookhey’s journey has given her a fair share of lows and challenges as well. However, that did not deter Ms Mookhey from taking everything, good and bad, in a stride. According to her, life has been filled to the brim with continuous learning curves, and even the toughest of times award one with valuable life lessons.

Ms Mookhey:

After winning Ms World, I got the opportunity to live the Bollywood dream – which didn’t work out my way. I worked in three films which were massive flops, but it was a great learning experience for me. I met many people off-screen and it helped me understand that maybe the film life wasn’t meant for me, or I wasn’t meant for it. Today, you hear a lot about the industry and realize that each person has his/her own sensitivities and sensibilities. Having had a first-hand experience with the lifestyle, I realized that my gifts may not be valued in the industry, and it might turn me into a hard commercial person, someone who I wasn’t ready to turn into. I guess the flopping of my films was actually a blessing in disguise.

After leaving the film industry, I continued attending, hosting and inaugurating various events. From corporate to social events, I was invited and made many friends and contacts.

The interactions and events took me around many parts of India, including the rural areas, which I may not have visited otherwise. I feel that it is the greatest privilege to be able to connect with the soil of your motherland, and understand my culture, history and heritage. It’s great thing to be born in India, and even better to travel to different parts of the country, meet people of different backgrounds and understand the various issues they face in rural areas especially. When one’s eyes are opened to such occurrences, you develop a sense of maturity and compassion. You think that you can actually make a difference out there and with all the humility, you offer whatever you can to help.

At some point I got married, which again, did not work out for me. Fortunately, my life changed when I became a mother, opening doors to an entire world I had to explore and understand with my child. It has been one of the most fulfilling and enriching journeys in my life.


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