Poornam Ecovision: Livelihood through fabric waste management

Upcycling waste fabric to make masks for house-helps
Poornam Ecovision: 
Livelihood through fabric waste management
Reusable cotton masksPoornam Ecovision Foundation

Poornam Ecovision Foundation is a social enterprise working in the field of waste management in Pune city since 2012. It is a non-profit organization registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013.

One of the key verticals it works in is fabric upcycling. In this vertical old clothes in washed condition are accepted as donation. Reusable clothes are donated to needy organizations and fabric up-cycled products are manufactured by women self-help groups from remaining non-reusable clothes.

During the present COVID-19 conditions, Poornam has been manufacturing reusable 100% cotton masks since April 2020. In this activity, about 100 under-served women are involved and 80,000 masks have been manufactured till now. These 100 women have earned about Rs 3.0 lakh collectively through this project.

When the Government announced an ease in lockdown, more movement started outside the house as well as inside.

House-helps (maids) are an integral part of homes and their health is of utmost important to us. Poornam has come up with a new concept especially for self-protection of working women in the society through fabric upcycling.

In this activity Poornam manufactures a set of 2 masks, aprons and caps made out of bedsheets, dupattas, unused shirt piece or dress material at home. Poornam will get these made by the women associated with the project with marginal charges, which will help to support under-served women during this difficult period. This project delivers a dual benefit - to generate livelihood through fabric waste management (upcycling) and protect the health of the house-help.

After masks, Poornam has also come up with upcycled aprons and caps, specially designed for the safety of house-helps, in preparation for the new normal.

Reusable cotton masks for children
Reusable cotton masks for childrenPoornam Ecovision Foundation

To support Poornam's efforts, mail them at fabric@poornamecovision.org

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