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Sun, Sea & Scenery

Adventures from the country down under

I huffed and puffed while struggling to keep up with my friend, who had magically reached the top of the stairs. I staggered up the staircase, cursing him internally for dragging me across the city to this walk, I mean, who walks such long distances by the beach? Reading the somewhat obvious expressions on my face, he laughed and reassured me,

"Don't worry; I promise you it will be worth all your huffing and puffing."

He wasn't wrong, as we completed the first stretch of the walk I found myself looking at breathtaking blue waters, shining under the glorious summer sun. I got robbed of my breath again; thankfully, it wasn't in the literal sense this time!

Like every international student in Sydney, I had come along with my baggage and a bucket list, eager to check off each adventure as time passed. From skydiving to learning how to surf, I had listed plenty of exciting things that Sydney offered to all. However, I had missed out on one particular activity, which I now recommend to everyone visiting the country down under; completing the Bondi to Coogee Walk. It must have been my laziness speaking but wondered why everyone gushed about this particular walk and made several attempts to dodge going for the 6km walk connecting the two most commercial beaches of Sydney, Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach.

Located in the Eastern suburbs of the city, both beaches are connected by the coastal walk that stretches over the beautiful sea on one side and a picturesque combination of nature and modern residences on the other. Either way, the journey is a feast for the eyes. Over the long stretch, one comes across several tiny, 'hidden' beaches that are calmer and unpopulated by the crowds, the perfect parts to play a game of fetch with one's pet dog, yes you heard right. It's common to see pet dogs trotting happily on the walk next to their owners, sometimes stopping for a pat or two on the head! Completing the entire walk at a single stretch is no easy feat, which is why there are several parks, restaurants, cafes, and rock pools where one can catch a breather. Don't be surprised if you see people reading a book or even napping in the nooks, crannies and crevices of the rocky bays along the way; those spots are perfect for seeking some solitude.

My first attempt at the walk didn't begin in enthusiasm but, towards the end, I was as they say, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Yes, I did question my stamina throughout, especially during the many upward climbs of the stairs, and made several pitstops to sit at the precipice and soak in the beauty. Every now then, one could see a group of surfers venturing to conquer the waves, which ebbed and flowed in a hypnotizing rhythm. I would be lying if I said we didn't click countless Instagrammable pictures while we were resting!

As we caught the first glimpse of Coogee Beach, I felt invigorated and proud of myself for not backing out of the seemingly gruelling walk, that was the first of my three trips to the coastal walk!

And while one is at it, there are a variety of other activities that the area has to offer. From delicious calamari in cafés, surf schools at every beach, and the opportunity to live one's ZNMD dream of deep-sea diving, the walk has plenty to offer. And trust me, it will be worth it!

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Picturesque Waters
Picturesque WatersKrishna Barot

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