Musings of a musicionado #Intro

Music: A real pleasure in a virtual world
Musings of a musicionado #Intro
Meenakshi Vijay

My amazing tryst with the tradition of Indian classical music began way back when I was still in my mother's womb.

Indian classical music is as old as the Sanatana Dharma. Children grew up knowing this music as they still do in some parts of the country. You'll experience the Indian classical form like the Bharata Dharma with myriad hues and traditions of the foreign invaders and later the Imperialists, as it it liberally absorbed from these cultures. This very ability has ensured that the classical traditions of music remain alive. Music is's just there...all over the universe, inspiring the musician who is connected to its energy. Such is the musical tradition of this soil. The grand music of this country throbs within the blood and veins of every Indian, in some form or the other. Every kind of Indian music though rooted in its traditions, enjoys the same grammar - whether it's Hindustani or Carnatic music.

Born in a family of musicians belonging to the Carnatic classical tradition, music became a part of me, even before I could learn to talk. Music has elevated my very being and has been my succour in life and a great companion sharing my pathos, celebration or pure indulgence. I owe my ability to appreciate good music to my good fortune of being born to a musically accomplished family.

While music has evolved, the traditional forms of Indian music have been kept alive all throughout the country. Today's generation is exposed to many genres unlike what it used to be, earlier. The internet exposes us to music worldwide and helps musicians collaborate across borders, giving us compositions that virtually cross international borders and create a vibrant confluence of culture and traditions.

Today, while musicians can explore many platforms, the traditional sabhas and musical clubs remain. The burgeoning of live music events through social media, webinars and shared meet apps are a favourite among white-collared professionals who enjoy discovering the unexplored vistas of classical music. This certainly works well amid the current pandemic lockdown.

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Violinist Duo
Violinist DuoMeenakshi Vijay

Meenakshi Vijay is a communications specialist, and a music aficionado. Her bindass attitude has got her into some interesting projects and some sticky ones as well. She finds life a roller coaster ride and enjoys the thrills and the learning.

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