Meet Rosie, a digital artist, in the first person!

Meet Rosie, a digital artist, in the first person!
Rosie, herselfRosie Daswani

One of the most common questions I get asked is – do you always wear white? My reply since the last 12 years – yes. When life gives you sour lemons you make lemonade. I wear white, turn into a chef and make art out of the mad colours that life gives me.

Digital art is fascinating. I use a mixed media of digital art so basically that means using 3D renders, photographs and creating elements in 2D. It’s like playing god. The universe is not the limit here, especially as realism and art gets so mixed up, one never knows what is art and what is real. I’ve once been told that what photographers dream of, I can create in a few minutes or a few hours!

Ever thought of a fairy spreading the sunrise?
Sunrise. Ever thought of a fairy spreading the sunrise?Rosie Daswani

My style is varied – I create fantasy images playing around with light and using animals that have human personalities. Each one is cheeky, curious. In most of my art work, there is always something to discover or to just sit and look. They are peaceful. I try not to link issues with art. This is fantasy, where one can look at it, and forget the outside world. I guess that comes out of my experience with Aelbert Cuyp’s 'A Road Near a River'. I can sit in front of that painting for hours. It speaks to me. I want my art to do that to those who view my art. I also do a lot of black and white imagery too. In fact, a few years ago, I did only black and white, and slowly over the years, added in a spot of colour and now there is a lot of colour. Why? I don’t know. Art grows, it never stays stagnant. It grows as the artist discovers more about the self; pulling the artist’s soul and heart into the art piece. I also love black and white photography. It’s classy. It speaks more than colour and it belongs in the class of rhodium.

This comes with a magnifying glass. Each story is less than an inch and each has a story Inside.
Storybook. This comes with a magnifying glass. Each story is less than an inch and each has a story Inside.Rosie Daswani

My beginnings I started a decade ago – 3D renders with very little post work. That was hard to do for rendering can take ages depending on a lot of things especially reflection and refraction in the case of water. I burnt through two or three laptops! A few years ago, I started fiddling around with 2D, and as time went by, I’ve been growing – working with digital mixed media. I find it gives me a lot of freedom. If I want mountains in a specific way, I model and render in 3D, bring it into 2D and work with that. Or render a cup and saucer just at the right angle that I need it to be! Sometimes, they are completely 2D, working with photos, manipulating them, creating environments, creating skies and clouds out of multiple layers, etc.

All That Glitters.
All That Glitters.Rosie Daswani

Inspiration Hahaha. I get asked that a lot too. I don’t know. I guess it comes from emotions, not just nature or anything tangible. It’s what I want to feel or desire or what I am already feeling. I know a lot of my art work portrays freedom in some form. I start with an idea, but get completely lost in it; during that time, loo trips, eating don’t exist. My housekeeper warns me if I am going to start one and I have guests coming in. I begin with a rough idea of what I want my art piece to be, but as the imagination runs, art runs. It’s like the wind blowing a feather.

I'm off for the day!!
Uninspired. I'm off for the day!!Rosie Daswani

Tangible art I print on archive paper or canvas sitting with the printer to get it just the right colour I want. My art work size ranges from 8”x8” to 14”x14”. What I love about this is that I can double the size if the clients want it bigger or even decrease it! I also am not stuck to printing on paper or canvas – so creativity can go absolutely wild. The canvas limits that the painter has, I do not have. I can print on cloth, or acrylic. Am experimenting on one idea...shshsh...that’s a secret... I print 4 limited editions of any art work and if commissioned, it is just that one.

Clients/marketing I create art pieces because I love it. I have had a few solo exhibitions in India and group exhibits in UK. Though canvas and paint is still popular. I have sold a few to the Income Tax office in Pune at Vaswani Chowk, a few international clients in the US, UK, Singapore, and in Germany and Poland.

Presently, there is a commissioned work in waiting, i.e., a wall of a house in London, but with Covid19, that is on hold.

God's Imperfection.
One of Rosie's earliest pieces and it's completely 3D rendered
God's Imperfection. One of Rosie's earliest pieces and it's completely 3D renderedRosie Daswani

Digital art is still nouveau art, a sort of art that the buying art world can’t understand and therefore, shies away from. It’s still too new a medium. The computer can do anything, they say. That’s not art and you can make a million copies, is their reasoning. There are very few galleries that accept digital art because there's a lack of understanding about digital art work. For the digital artist, the computer is the medium, just like canvas and paint is to a painter. The digital artist uses his/her skills, his/her imagination to create snow, or rain, to put in his/her thoughts or art into a form that the viewer can see. While the screen displays the intangible art work, printing it on paper or canvas makes it as tangible as a painting.

Because of this lack of understanding, buyers of digital art are few; one could land up spending millions on a photograph, which has been shot by a camera and printed on paper. Yet, a photographer cannot always command what is in his shot, whereas a digital artist has that liberty – just like a painter.

Humanity Bleeds.
Statement in relation to George Floyd's death.
Humanity Bleeds. Statement in relation to George Floyd's death.Rosie Daswani

How to find me People can get to me via my Instagram - rosie.artist

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