Kaleidoscopic Pune

Not just a city, Pune is home
Kaleidoscopic Pune
Weekend HikesPrathmesh Kattukar

Whether it’s the extreme winter at the end of the year, or the softest monsoons mid-year, it’s the landlocked city of Pune that’s given me the best seasonal experiences in the state. In the 5 years of my educational journey, Pune has never failed to surprise me in ways uncountable. Spontaneous, adrenaline, and eccentric combined would be an understatement to describe the memories I’ve made in this city.

Fortunately, the fact that Pune is landlocked by the top hill stations such as Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar etc., we’re blessed with the perfect weekend getaway shenanigans! A split decision can have you and your friends watch the most mesmerising sunrise at the very top of these hill stations. Commuting in human-packed tum-tums & PMT buses to get around the city is ironically one of the amazing things about Pune. From watching a magic show of the “magic uncle” in Koregaon Park, to enjoying a DJ Snake concert in Sunburn; from visiting the prosperous idol of Lord Ganesha in Dagdusheth Temple, to exploring the technology intensive areas like the IT park, this city has offered every inch of student experience to me!

Not only huge IT parks, but also renowned colleges have chosen Pune as their home city, which is why education plus employment opportunities offer the best deal to our Gen-Z. But then, how could I conclude my thoughts without mentioning the ‘thikat pan khup chaan’ misal! If there’s a Baba Ka Dhaba for Dilliwale, there’s a Shivneri Misal for Punekars :)

Despite having a wide variety of cuisine ranging from Mexican to Chinese dishes, Pune still retains the traditional taste buds. 7am or 2am, you’d always find Yewale’s Chai open for its ever-hustling students, along with vada pav, kanda bhajji vendors and their big smiles.

One of the greatest pleasures in Pune is having a wonderful time with your friends, travelling around on a cold winter night, having Irani chai possibly to just warm up your chilly, shivering hands, probably the best experience ever!

Yelwale ki Chai
Yelwale ki ChaiPrathmesh Kattukar

Although I’ve been here for half a decade, there are places that still remain unexplored in my Pune diaries. But on the other hand, one of the most dreading things in this splendid city, is the sheer amount of unbearable speed breakers literally on every road you travel. You’d think you’d move at a smooth steady speed after one, and then they hit you with another.

All in all, it’s a city you’d live every moment of your life, provided you learn the language here! Because without it, you ain’t getting tagged a Punekar, and if you don’t get tagged one, why are you even living? Kidding. People are so welcoming and warm-hearted here that for once I almost forgot Saudi is my hometown.

The backbone of Pune
The backbone of PunePrathmesh Kattukar

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