Tips to make your birthday greetings truly warm and genuine

Janaki Soman revives the lost art of wishing loved ones in this digital age
Tips to make your birthday greetings truly warm and genuine
When you're happy for someone, say it nowCourtesy: Charlota Blunarova, Unsplash

The social media prompts us to wish our friends on special occasions like birthdays, on a regular basis. These prompts are useful and connect us instantly to this person whom we greet for the occasion.

Sometimes it’s a milestone birthday or an achievement and we wish to greet in a special way to show the friend our appreciation or affection.

In such a case, extra effort is required.

Special occasion wishes
Special occasion wishesCourtesy: Tim Cooper, Unsplash

Find out more about the friend, make points. A long narration of facts can be boring so a format with thoughtful words in a precise and clear format is more effective.

A story format appeals to most, start with a past memory of the friend; describe a prominent feature or appearance. It is also important to say how long you have known your friend.

You may enlist the qualities that appeal to you or qualities the friend is known for. Describe why you liked the quality/ qualities. Here, if you describe your friend’s hospitality, you can say that you’ve enjoyed her home cooked meals made with a lot of love.

Thankful for impromptu trips
Thankful for impromptu tripsCourtesy: Anja, Unsplash

An example of describing enthusiasm, can be as simple as mentioning the friend accompanying you on impromptu shopping trips to various places.

To make the greeting more personal, do cite your own experience of the quality or aspect of the friend.

When you say that a person is very warm & caring, cite an example of how the friend took care of your little one or a pet dog while you were at work. Or how you can rely on the friend for getting the homework of the child done, while you are busy at work.

What matters are the good memories
What matters are the good memoriesCourtesy: Mark Adriane, Unsplash

The greeting message can be divided in parts, past and present.

It is important to state the reference of the quality and how it has mattered to you or how important it is in general. An example, so and so makes it a point to greet on special days like birthdays. You may add, ’this goes a long way to help build and maintain relationships.’

Another way of greeting will be to choose a subject. For example, friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

You may use a topic like that and revolve your greeting to match the topic. However, please do remember to share anecdote or a memory to make it personal.

With technology at your command, you can to make a voice note or a video. In such a case the tonal quality of your voice and body language matters. A smiling face with some expression is the voice is preferred.

Memorize and practice your talk a few times to make it sound genuine.

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