Yoga with holistic healer Dr Jyo

Take the journey from illness to wellness
Yoga with holistic healer Dr Jyo
Dr JyoJyotsna Gundecha

"Yoga with Dr Jyo" is a holistic wellness platform combining Yoga with Naturopathy and Homeopathy for individual and corporate clients.

Dr Jyotsna Gundecha, or Dr Jyo (as she is more popularly known), is a healer to the core. She is trained in the subtle art of homeopathy and additionally has deepened her mind-body-spirit approach through the study of yoga and energy healing. She says, compassion, trust, and healing experience of over 20 years are her tools to support her patients in their journey from Illness to Wellness.

Conducting a yoga retreat
Conducting a yoga retreatJyotsna Gundecha

She has acquired national and international experience over the past 24 years - facilitated retreats at The Station, Seychelles combining the modalities of yoga, energy healing, yogic counselling, and homeopathy, and also been a medium in the healing journey of seekers around the world.

She has specialized workshops in stress management, office ergonomics and workdesk yoga, pranayama and meditation, to support organizations in offering their valuable team an environment to thrive.

A photo shoot after one of her corporate workshops on stress management
A photo shoot after one of her corporate workshops on stress managementJyotsna Gundecha

Her USP is her cumulative experience of over 30 years in wellness to encourage clients to make changes to their lifestyle in order to achieve their health goals.

"I design easy-to-follow, individualized protocols and therapies, and wherever necessary, combine different healing modalities to aid the healing process."

The various services Dr Jyo offers
1. Personalized disease management protocols combining different therapies
2. Group yoga sessions
3. Corporate workshops on Office ergonomics
4. Corporate workshops for stress management
5. Regular Corporate yoga sessions online and onsite
6. Spinal alignment correction for chronic back and neck pain etc
7. Yogic counselling for lifestyle illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma and arthritis, hormonal and immune dysfunction, anxiety and depression and other stress related issues

Among Dr Jyo's clientele are corporates looking for employee wellness; patients having chronic diseases; and groups looking for lifestyle corrections.

Though after the pandemic, most of her clients have opted for online consultation and yoga sessions. She says that this way she has been able to cater to a larger audience, and accommodate international clients as well.

Dr Jyo doing the triceps stretch
Dr Jyo doing the triceps stretch Jyotsna Gundecha

When asked what makes her happy, Dr Jyo says that "being a medium for change in people's lives, seeing patients come off medication they were told never to stop, families and corporate teams working together towards a healthier lifestyle makes me happy. Everybody deserves the gift of health and to live every dream. I am happy to be the instrument that kicks out the ignorance and kicks in healthy habits!"

Dr Gargee Gadgil who has been attending Dr Jyo's yoga sessions says: "Dr Jyotsna combines spiritual and transcendental yoga knowledge with practicality in a wonderful way. Her style of teaching is very good, with simple words and instructions that are easy to follow and remember. Her medical qualifications make her a reliable, authentic yoga teacher!"

"I found her yoga very beneficial for problem-specific solutions. Being an expert in Yoga, Homeopathy and Reiki, Dr Jyo's three-dimensional approach to solving some chronic diseases shows results." - Ashray Ramrao

"A teacher who patiently helped me understand the benefits of doing various kinds of yoga techniques. a 6 month old spasm showed signs of recovery almost immediately..." - Anand Bhandari

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