Canvases that virtually pull you in

Sushama Chakravarty's work has ranged from realistic portraits to folk art, logo designs to water colours and more
Canvases that virtually pull you in
DraupadiSushama Chakravarty

Sushama's move from a long successful career as Creative Director in advertising to a painter of varied styles and themes is fascinating. She has created appealing and successful communication for clients such as Proctor & Gamble, Hong Kong Bank, Crompton Greaves, Rallis, ITC Hotels, Agfa-Gevaert, Blue Diamond Hotel and Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company, among many other others.

KarnaSushama Chakravarty

Now, over the past few years, her large canvases have adorned Hotels, Restaurants and private homes.

GandhariSushama Chakravarty

Of herself she says, "after graduating from Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, I jumped into the colourful, crazy and interesting world of Advertising..."

Desert Beauty
Desert BeautySushama Chakravarty

"Vibrant colours, faces, Indian epics, innocence in folk art, Renaissance masters, impressionist strokes, lyrical lines…they talk to me...Old songs, B&W movies, Indian food…call me", adds Sushama.

Sushama seated in front of her painting called Palki
Sushama seated in front of her painting called PalkiSushama Chakravaty

After the ever bustling Mumbai advertising world, Sushama is now settled in Jaipur, the historically charming the city of the Rajputs and the capital of Rajasthan.

Sushma can be reached out to, at

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