'Black Book for Bachelors' 
by Santosh Dhemre
Black Book for BachelorsSantosh Dhemre

'Black Book for Bachelors' by Santosh Dhemre

Book Review by Manjiri

Sound advice for any young man: this book would be your manual to woo and eventually court the girl you desire. The book kept bringing intermittent smiles with occasional bursts of laughter! The writing is so fluid and enjoyable and the fun-filled, virtuous take on the man-woman chemistry should be read by everyone who’s on the prowl or planning the prowl. I personally enjoyed the incisiveness towards various hypocrisies that fetter man-woman desires.

"If you would like to be endearing to a woman, make sure to act like a gentleman" and this is thoughtfully expressed throughout this book.

Even though it is a short book, it is packed with I believe complete and concise advise for any man. I like the way it beautifully depicts women emotions and the way she needs to be understood, treated and respected.

The book progresses with some amazing chapters.... "Diamond in the rough" which truly expresses all inferiority opinions a women perceive about herself because of unrealistic expectations floating around her.

It also throws light on essentials of women's safety. The book closes with "Zen is You" which is amazing!

I simply loved the book so much so that I wish it had more chapters. Captivating from beginning to end..!!!

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