"Pour, swipe, flip" – the nouveau art lingo
Hemal Chandaria with her art on display at an exhibitionHemal Chandaria

"Pour, swipe, flip" – the nouveau art lingo

In conversation with Pune artist Hemal Chandaria on the latest hip trend where Art meets Party!

Hemal Chandaria confesses to have a wild spirit - an ardent love for travel, vibrant color paints, dance sessions at PJs with her two daughters. A true party animal at heart, she loves to party and sip a good wine.

For a small town girl from Gujarat, with a post-grad degree in finance, and a job in the banking and finance sector in a metro for 14 years, art seemed like a far cry from a life in finance. Though in her early years, she did enjoy pencil sketching and watercolor painting, it was only when her children were born that she felt a compelling need to get back to art.

A prolific artist, she has exhibited her art at some of Pune’s best art galleries such as Balgandharva, Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Darpan Art Gallery, Monalisa Kalagram, to name a new. She believes that it was art that chose her, and not the other way around. Ever since she discovered fluid and resin art, she has made it her life’s mission to convert more budding artists into fluid and resin art enthusiasts through her workshops.

Corner Network caught up with Hemal to find out more about the intriguing pour, swipe and flip art techniques.

Hemal Chandaria showing participants the technique of fluid art
Hemal Chandaria showing participants the technique of fluid artHemal Chandaria

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Apart from an ardent love for travel, vibrant color paints, dance sessions, I also have a bit of a green thumb which is the justification for why I go overboard while buying and growing a massive number of succulents and plants. During my early years, I have always been very headstrong and vocal about everything with a purpose. After my graduation and post-graduation in the field of Finance at Ahmedabad, I worked in the Banking and Finance Sector in two cities - Ahmedabad and Mumbai for 14 years. I took a break after my children were born. Though I had a job and was working, I felt the need for an escape and that was the turning point when Art was introduced to me. I have always believed that Art was inherent in me but I never paid heed to it. I started painting as a hobby after my second daughter was born. I did it as a stress buster and as an escape from the realities of motherhood, career and life. The immense happiness that I experienced after I made an art piece was out of this world. Since then, art has been an outlet for me. It was one of the reasons which helped me to come out of post-partum depression. Then, quite by chance I happened to discover fluid and resin art which was life-changing. art was my true calling! Eventually, I learned all the nuances of fluid art and since then I have worked on a variety of mediums which led me to start taking workshops for other art enthusiasts.

Samples of Hemal's fluid and resin art
Samples of Hemal's fluid and resin artHemal Chandaria

You also teach art. What's been your reason to teach art?

I want more and more people to paint and create. I want them to discover the happiness and contentment one feels upon creating an art piece. Everyone may not be able to come to my workshops so may be i can take my workshops to them. I am working on my online workshop content which they can download and learn to paint. I’m also developing my own website and Youtube channel. I have experienced first hand how art can be a stress - reliever and am looking to collaborate and create art workshops with therapists so it can help people who are genuinely in need. I am also looking to collaborate with corporates and work with them for their employee engagement programs. Given the kind of stressful jobs that people have today, this form of art gives them an outlet and can help relieve some stress. I have personally experienced and seen my workshop participants rejuvenated and ready to get back to life with renewed enthusiasm.

Hemal with enthusiastic participants at an art party
Hemal with enthusiastic participants at an art partyHemal Chandaria

What are the different techniques you have worked with?

Currently, the art techniques that I work with are:

Fluid Art: It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful techniques that I have ever worked with and there are countless ways in which it can be done. In my opinion, the beauty of fluid art is that you can never recreate the same pour the second time no matter how much you try or what you do.

Resin Art: As of today, resin art is one of the most popular mediums of art. The reason of its popularity is that it has a glossy finish and is tough in nature which undeniably makes it extremely popular in the making of various art forms and home décor pieces like wall pieces, trays, table tops, coasters, quirky paperweights and table décor.

A workshop in progress
A workshop in progressHemal Chandaria

You also teach art. What is the driving force behind teaching art?

The reason behind teaching art is simple - I want more and more people to create and express themselves through art. I want people to experience first-hand the happiness and satisfaction one feels upon creating an art piece. I want to take my art to people everywhere, hence I take my workshops to them. Presently, I am working on the content of my online workshop so that people can download and learn to paint on their own at home. I am working on a website and a YouTube channel is also in the works. I have personally experienced how art can be a stress buster and can bring peace internally, hence I am looking to partner with therapists and create art workshops which can help people cope with stress and other related mental ailments. I also have plans to work with corporates for their employee engagement programs to help stressed employees perform better in their jobs; I am a personal witness of the participants of my workshop who leave my workshops feeling relaxed, calm, rejuvenated and ready to get back to their daily lives with improved enthusiasm and vigor.

Could you elaborate about what you teach?

I take Fluid and Resin Art Workshops for both children as well as adults.

Art Workshops

These art workshops are held at cafes with prior registration.

In these workshops, the participants are taught the basics of fluid art, color mixing and mediums as well as the different types of pours, post pour care, and a complete manual on ‘how to make art’ is given to them, so they can make their own art pieces at home.

I also conduct several other types of workshops and these workshops are listed below:

Personal Workshops / Master Class

These are personal workshops which are solely on a one-on-one basis. These workshops not only cover the basics of fluid art but also different techniques of fluid art like swipe technique, wave pour, balloon kiss pour, dirty pour, flip cup, colander pour, etc. just to name a few. These are advanced workshops and designed for serious art pursuers. I also collaborate with Interior Designers and Architects for creating art pieces for their clients.

Birthdays/Events Workshops

Art parties are a new and upcoming trend in the world of parties. So now we do a lot of birthdays, baby showers, and make them memorable with art. Art parties are not only fun but also a mental exercise which help in adding to the ever-growing creativity of kids as well adults and are gradually gaining popularity. On a personal front, I have conducted plenty of art parties not only in Pune but cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Vadodara and have received a heart-warming response from the clients.

Thoroughly engrossed in an art class
Thoroughly engrossed in an art classHemal Chandaria

What is your favorite art technique?

I have made many types of art in various mediums like pencil sketching, acrylics as well as water colors but the kind of beauty that fluid art exhibits is something different. One has to be extremely patient and work with the pours in a very calculated manner to create something. A little impatience here or a quick tilt there and the whole art piece is ruined! Not just that, having knowledge of different colors is vital as all colors have diverse consistency, mixing and pouring with them requires one to know this difference which can be learned over a period of time.

What have been your highs?

After I conducted a couple of workshops, the kind of response that I received from participants was overwhelming. So many women in particular came up to me and told me that they had touched colors after ages. This was their escape, away from the hustle bustle of daily life. Happiness was visible on their faces after they poured on their art work. This was what made me teach art. The joy of being able to bring a smile to some faces was all I ever wanted.

Today, three years down the line, nothing can match the sheer joy that fills my heart when delighted participants come and tell me their experiences of how relieved and stress-free they have felt after my workshop.

I shall forever be grateful to art - I have been able to participate in a lot of art shows in Pune and have been able to interact with artists working in so many different and exciting mediums. It has been an honour to exhibit and sell my paintings with many other artists at some of the renowned art galleries in Pune like Balgandharva, Raja Ravi Verma Art Gallery, Darpan Art Gallery, Monalisa Kalagram and many more. One of my proudest achievements is that I have been featured in the magazine Femina with reference to my art and workshops.

How do interested clients get in touch with you?

Any of these social media channels are a way to reach me:

Instagram: @artexpressionsbyhemal

Facebook: art expressionsbyhemal

Email: hemalchandaria@gmail.com

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